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So, we find ourselves in Shapeir. An oasis in the middle of the vast desert. We start in the Katta's Tail Inn, talking to Abdulla. Talk to him and he will tell you that you should explore the town. But to do this effectively you will need a map of the town layout. The Inn isn't the place to look for such a thing, so we decide to leave this place. When exiting the Inn, we enter a plaza, and in one corner there is a fellow trying to sell some junk, like ashtrays, t-shirts, maps. Hey - did he say map? That's exactly what we need now! But when talking the man we soon find out that the money from spielburg isn't accepted here!

Fortunately, there is a moneychanger in this town, and if you follow the instructions Ali Chicha gives you, you will eventually find her. After exchanging your money for Shapeir money, return to the stand of Ali Chicha. Buy the map and compass from him. Now we have taken the first step to exploring the town. During the following 12 or so days, all we'll have to do is to defeat several elementals attacking the town. But there are other fun things to do, as well. The Magic-User will want to become a member of the WIT. To become a such, you will first have to find where it's located. There are two magicians in this town that you can ask, Keapon Laffin and Aziza. However, none of those will tell you much. Perhaps give a pointer.

To find WIT, you will have to use the spell Detect magic to locate a certain cul-de-sac. When you think you have found the right spot, cast an Open spell to enter WIT. Once inside WIT you will be asked why you seek admittance (answer something like magic), and will be asked to choose a mentor. You can see pictures of different persons, among them Aziza. But she says she don't know you well enough. Hmm. Who is it on that painting? Remember ol' Erasmus? Well, he seems to remember you, and despite much moaning from other Wizards, he can be chosen your mentor. Then, all you have to do is to pass those tests. The first test is in a dark room, where you will have to use detect magic, fetch and trigger to perform what Erasmus ask you to do.

Then it's on to the path of Wizardry. First to block your way along this path is the element of air, in the form of a fan. Make the fan move towards you and then levitate to let it pass under you. Thus, the first obstacle has been negated. Next to hinder you is the element of earth. He can be coped with by casting several calm spells after casting detect magic (or was it trigger?). Just climb over the elemental when he is calm. The third element is fire. To get past this one, extinguish the fire with a calm spell (be sure to open the door with a fetch spell first). Then, after closing the door (another fetch spell), cast a force bolt at the upper half of the door. The door will allow you to cross the hole.

The last hinder is the element of water. It will have to be melted with a flame dart, and then cracked with several well placed force bolts. Once you have finished this, you will be accepted as an initiate in WIT. You do not want to remain there, however, no matter what the other wizards say. The Thief should seek out the moneychanger for more than one reason. She just happens to be the local thieves' guild, and she will give you an assignment if you identify yourself as a thief. Just follow her directions, and remember to lift the rug (if surprised, just hide in the closet - but be sure you've oiled the hinges first). As a reward for a well done assignment, she will then give you directions as to where more money can be found.

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Quest for Glory 2

Quest for Glory 2
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