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The Fighter will later be given the opportunity to join the EOF (ask the adventurers' guild manager about this), but it will take some time before this happens. When it does, just follow the instructions you get (the letters left at the adventurers' guild) and simply break the chains when you're going to be executed.


The Town of Shapeir

In the town there are the following locations of interest.


The saurus pen

Here you can buy your own riding saurus on day 2 or 3.


The Katta's Tail Inn

Retire here when it's time to sleep. Also, Omar the prophet will speak here on occasion.


The Alchemist

Here you can buy pills and sell different ingredients. You can also buy the incense that will be needed do defeat the fire elemental later on. Ask Harik on fire, since this is his specialty. He will also be able to mix up some dispel potions for you.


The Magic Shop

This shop is run by Keapon Laffin, a person attuned to the element of air. He can provide information on the element of air as well as spells and a magic rope. If asked for, he will give away fool's earth (or something like that).


The fountain plaza

Here you can fill your waterskins, get dirt from the flourist, buy a brass lamp to contain a fire elemental and buy food.



The encantress will let you in if you answer her questions. You can then then get information about the different elementals and the enchanted tree in the desert. While she tells something about all the elementals, she is most attuned to the element of water.


Palace plaza

I think this is the place to buy a cloth bag, that will be used to store a earth elemental later on. Aside from that the only thing that can be obtained here is a pin that you're given as a gift after defeating the elementals.


Fighter plaza

Here you should find Rakeesh, a paladin and a noble warrior. He can lend you a magical, flaming sword to defeat the earth elemental. He can also tell you about the element of earth.



This man sells swords and daggers, and also like armwrestling. It's a good way to add to your strength. Also, on his sign hangs the bellows that you will use to capture the air elemental.


Adventurers' guild

Here you can train, sign your name in the book, and find different quests on the board.



You can get your future told here. If there's anything more to do, I admit I missed it.



As have been said, you change money here and get assignments if a thief.


Nest of the griffin

Can be found if walking left along the cliffs when entering the desert. Scare the griffin away, and then use the magic rope or levitate to get a feather (this can be tricky).


Enchanted tree

Follow the cliffs to the right when entering the desert to get here.


Oasis of the dervish

Ask the guard at the town gate for instructions on how to find this place. What you want here is some of the dervish' beard.


When you've familiarized yourself with the Town, the elementals should start to appear. The first one is the fire elemental, that will ravage the gates plaza one day after it's first heard of. To defeat this hot-head, get some incense that you spread on the ground. Then lead the elemental into the alley and place the brass lamp on the ground. When you run out of incense, use a full waterskin to force the elemental into the lamp. You now have a magic lamp! Four days later, an air elemental will appear in the palace plaza. This guy really doesn't like dirt, so if you throw some at him, he'll be paralyzed for a while. When paralyzed, the elemental fit just nicely in the bellows. The next challenge is the Earth elemental.

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