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It will roam the streets of the town an can be encountered anywhere buy in the plazas. To defeat it, you'll have to use fire. The two ways to do this is to use either the flame dart spell or Rakeesh's Soulforge. Be sure to collect the remains in a cloth bag. The last threat to the city is a water elemental appearing in the fountain. The only thing that can drive it from the fountain is the air elemental captured in the bellows. It can then be captured in an empty waterskin. The last important thing to do before leaving with the caravan to Raseir is to have Harik make dispel potions. To do this, he needs some ingredients. All of those you should already have collected, except for one. The missing ingredient is the Fruit of Compassion'.

To obtain this, you will need to visit Aziza and ask her on the plant. Then get to the tree and give it water, while telling it about yourself. Give it earth and tell it about your deeds. Lastly, give it a hug and tell her her name (Julanar). The tree will now bear fruit, and Harik should be able to make the potions (some things are omitted here, but those pose no problems while playing the game). You will now traver to the town of Raseir, where evil rules. After entering the town, enter the Blue Parrot. There you'll find the head of the thieves' guild in Raseir - a really slimy guy. He will have you steal a statuette of a falcon from the captain of the guard. But first, you should meet a lady in distress.

She wants your pass, so that she can get out of the city. Of course, that means you cant get out anymore, but we're supposed to be heroes, aren't we? Give her your clothes and pass, and then you'll get a mirror in exchange. Now to stealing the statue. Enter the central plaza sneaking, and wait until the guard disappears (as soon as it gets dark). Then use the magic rope or the levitate spell to get to the window on the second floor. Enter the room within and steal the statue from the cabinet (once again you'll have to use oil to make sure those hinges doesn't make any sound). Upon returning to the Blue Parrot you will be arrested as soon as you leave the tavern. Remember the pin the Katta gave you?

Remember what associasions it gave you? Well after talking to the Katta in the cell (and showing him the pin). You skillfully use the pin to pick the lock to the cell. The Katta then show you a secret passage leading out of here. Don't forget your gear, though. At the other end you will part, just to run into Ad Avis. He will hypnotize you and you will suddenly find yourself in the lost city. Since the prophecy seems unwilling to fulfill itself, you'll have to help it a bit. With the help of the mirror, the stars will suddenly be in the correct positions and the door to the crypt will open. Ad Avis will then urge you to go into the crypt. Again you will fight the elements. This time Water is the first to oppose you as an underwater stream block your way.

Every now and then there floats past a log, could this be of any help? On the other side of the stream there's a hole in the wall wich creates a strong wind. Use force bolt ore brute foce to block the hole, and you've negated the second element. You can then traverse the path to the room with boiling lava. Once in there it helps to keep cool - if you find this hard, you should pour something on yourself. On the other side of the lava you will find a cliff and a door below it. To get down, use the rope or the spell levitate. Once you approach the door, it will start asking nosy questions (only one, actually). The answer to the question could be discerned from conversation with Abdulla, but why you should think of doing this before you get the question, I don't know.

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Quest for Glory 2

Quest for Glory 2
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