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The answer is Suleiman (Ben Daoud, I think). The only thing now standing between you and the statue of Iblis is the treasury. Just don't take any of those goodies, and you'll get through this room without problems. Now you enter the room where the staue of Iblis is located. The final battle Just before you reach the statue, Ad Avis appears out of thin air. He then seal the cave and leave you there to die. Fortunately, Ad Avis has misinterpreted the prophecy, and when looking carefully you will find a ring on a stalagmite, containing He who is left behind'. This being is a djinn, and has the power to grant wishes. Since you have three, you can use two to improve your chracter, while using the last to teleport back to Raseir.

Once here, you again meet the Katta from the cell, and he tells you that you should sneak into the palace while the Kattas kepp the guards busy. Sneaking to the palace, you see a handkerchief tied to the battlement. Wait until the guard moves away, and then levitate or climb to where the hanky is. You now enter the harem. After a long scene, you will sneak past the eunucks guarding the harem. Now we find ourselves watching how Ad Avis is freeing Iblis. Since this is somthing that should be avoided, our task is to stop him, but how? It is essential to stop him from finishing the ritual, and since you cant get him from here, you must use the rope to get to the tower. There, you can throw a dagger at one of the candles and break the spell.

However, this will upset Ad Avis. He will do his best to kill you, but if you duck, and throw daggers at him, you should be able to kill him (I had a hard time doing this, mainly because I never got across the rope fast enough to stop Ad Avis from freeing Iblis). Now all you have to do is to relax and watch the ending scene - you have completed Quest For Glory II - Trial By Fire.

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Quest for Glory 2

Quest for Glory 2
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