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Welcome to the Prince of Persia 3D online walkthrough where I will hopefully guide you in saving the Princess once again. It seems that the Prince (who still doesn't have a name after 3 adventures) has lost his Princess (also nameless) and has gotten himself thrown in the dungeon. This guide will walk you through all the detailed levels of this amazing adventure as you escape the dungeon and pursue the Princess and her captors across move than a dozen exciting locations in 12th Century Persia. I'll provide you with all the locations of weapons, potions, and other items necessary in completing your quest as well as various strategies for defeating some of the tougher bad guys you will encounter.

Your combat techniques will be critical to your success in this adventure. You will need to master several weapons and various styles of combat for each. Evasive tactics, counter attacks, and block and parry moves are also critical to winning many of the battles. Practice these moves early in the game so you will be ready when you really need them. Jumping, and grabbing onto ledges is another tactic that you need to master right away to survive even the first levels. Always examine your surroundings for clues to deadly traps. Bloodstains are usually a sign of something sinister nearby; either a guard or concealed trap just waiting to be sprung.

Examine walls for cracks or unusually colored blocks indicating a moveable section or block in the wall. These hidden passages often lead to weapons or potions. Try to stay at full health at all times. This will make it easier for you to survive encounters with the guards and also the occasional poisoned potion flask. Poison is almost never fatal unless you are already very weak. Use other potions such as Invisibility, to sneak past guards and avoid combat situations. You aren't being scored on how many guards you kill, so sneaking and stealth are always preferred over reckless and unnecessary combat. SAVE OFTEN! There is no limit to your saved games. Your game is automatically saved at the beginning of each new level, but you will also want to save after a difficult combat encounter or after getting past a difficult trap or series of jumps.

Saving your game often will lessen your frustration of having to repeat large portions of the game and increase your enjoyment of the adventure. This guide has been tested with the PC version of the game, but it should also work for the Playstation version as well. If you find any discrepancies between the two versions, please email me and let me know.

Prison Escape

You begin your adventure locked in a dungeon cell with no weapons. Turn and locate the off-color block and push it through to the other side. That was almost too easy! Follow the passage to the right until you reach the corridor with a gate at one end and an opening on the left. Enter the room and talk to the prisoners for some less-than-helpful clues then pull up to the ledge above the prisoner on the right (as you enter). Stand under the hole and jump up and pull yourself into the next room. A cinematic shows a guard discovering that you have escaped. Take the only exit from this room around and past the prisoner sitting on the ground.

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