Palace Escape: Komplettlösung Prince of Persia 3D

Use it if you need it or save it for later - you will be returning this way shortly. The gate ahead of you is locked so turn and go to the left and enter the circular room on the right. The floor opens and drops you into a pit just as a spiked ceiling slowly starts to descend. You have about ten seconds to locate the moveable block and push it into the next room creating an escape from the crushing doom behind you. In this new room you will find the passage leading out and to the right. Jump up and grab the edge of the floor above and pull up to the catwalk-like structure. Once again you have two possible directions to go - for now just go to the left and follow the passage until you arrive at the ledge overlooking the courtyard.

A switch here will unlock the gate I mentioned at the beginning of this section. After you flip it you can return back to the catwalk and around to the other passage. Stairs lead up to pressure plate which opens the other locked gate from earlier. If you didn't drink the potion earlier then you may want to get it now - you won't be coming back. Walk out onto the ledge and look down. Far below is the pool of water I mentioned earlier. Run off the ledge and you will fall into the water below. Climb out of the pool and head past the stairs and into the next room. Kill the hooded assassin guard (if you didn't do it earlier) then approach the now-opened gate. Pass through and watch the brief cinematic.

Palace Escape

Head down the stairs and drop off the ledge. Another ledge hangs above you. Jump up and grab and pull up then cross to the other side by going around the pool the belly dancer dove into. Drop off the matching ledge on the other side and head to the left. Some arrows are stashed on the top of the wall. Grab them then return to the right corner of this large courtyard where there is a guard tower and a sniper who is already targeting you. There are two ways to kill this guard; the easy way and the way the designers wanted you to. The easy way is to snipe this guard yourself. A single Swarm Arrow will usually kill him, or you can use several of your normal arrows.

Of course you could always play the game as intended and run into the door at the base of the tower. Turn right and find the section of moveable wall and push it in. This lowers a rope in the center of the tower. Circle around until you reach the Monk - don't kill him - then enter the door on the right and climb the rope to the top of the tower. The archer will get a few shots at you while you climb up plus I found this rope extremely difficult to dismount. Falling from this height is instant death. So kill the guard however you want. When he is dead you can return to the Monk. Continue around the passage and carefully enter the next room. A healing potion baits you from across the room but a pair of dart traps forces you to be extra cautious in getting it.

Enter the door on the left and jump to the rope at a 45 degree angle so you are swinging to the corner of the opposite ledge. You can either land on the ledge or grip the side. Shimmy if necessary to clear the spikes that fill the central portion of this ledge. Walk to the far side of this ledge and sidestep to the middle and do a standing jump to the doorway. Follow the passage around to the left until you reach the closed gate. A pressure plate will open the gate taking you back to the Monk but first you will want to turn and climb up to the ledge behind you. Prepare to battle a pair of guards. When they are dead you can continue to the back of this raised area and climb up another ledge.

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