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Get the Tri-Point Double Assassin Blades lying on the floor and flip the lever to shutdown the machine and stop the spinning underwater blades. As you pass by the Monk he will offer the use of his Shrine (the box-like device in the tower room with the rope). You can use this Shrine to enchant any single normal arrow you have in your possession. Just approach the Shrine and it will open. Press action to enchant an arrow. The magical essence of these Shrines is only temporary and varies in power and duration for each Shrine you encounter. Return to the outer courtyard and climb to the central gazebo. Dive into the pool then take a deep breath and dive down and swim through the green passage into the next room.

You will see the blades you recently stopped from spinning and a pair of passages lead out on either side of the blades. Take either passage - they both lead to the next room - and quickly surface as your air is almost gone. This room (the pool room) has three closed gates and one that is open. Go into the next room and you will find three switches; red, green, and blue. These switches open their matching gates in the pool room. Step on the blue switch to open the gate in the same location back in the pool room. Return to the pool room and enter the short hall. The torch on the right is unlit and sideways. Activate this torch to open the hidden door and enter the next area.

Fight the assassin guard and take his healing potion then climb up the short wall beyond and get the arrows lying on the floor. Enter the next room with the altar and four torches. Climb onto the altar and pull up to the floor above. Be very careful as there are pressure plates surrounding this hole that will activate the dart trap. Sidestep as necessary and exit this room. Head around to the left until you reach a closed gate and a guard on the other side. Turn right and walk out onto the ledge. A pair of guards are below on a ledge just outside a door. Kill them with your bow - this make take several arrows - then return to the pool room and enter the other room to step on the red switch.

Enter the pool room to spot another gate opening. Enter the small room and jump up to the left ledge and enter the doorway. Turn the corner and jump off the ledge to avoid the deadly spikes below. Follow the passage until you exit out onto the ledge where the two guards you just killed are lying. If you didn't kill them earlier then kill them now. Head to the right and step on the pressure plate to raise the bridge and cross over to the next area. Again, jump up to the left ledge and exit out onto the ledge. Make a tricky jump to the balcony then enter the hallway through the door.

You are now on the other side of that gate from earlier - the side with the guard. Fight him now and take his healing potion then use the pressure plate to open the gate and return to the room with the hole. Drop down to the altar and return to the pool room. Before you get there you will spot a new passage available to you on the right. Take this passage and ride the elevator up. Exit the lift and head to the right where you will find a rope you can use to swing to the other side. Continue into the next room which is above the room with the three colored switches. Cross around to the other side and push the gold urn over the edge causing it to land on the blue switch. Now you can jump out to the chain hanging in the middle of this room and climb down to the floor below.

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