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Kill the guard in this room and take the arrows he leaves behind. Proceed through the door and down the stairs to the open area outside and watch the cinematic of Rugnor and your Princess. A sniper on a ledge high above to your left is already shooting at you. Take cover behind one of the battlements (square stone columns) on the left. Jump and grip the edge of the battlement and wait for the sniper to shoot. Then while he is reloading, pull up and jump the gap to the ledge ahead of you. If you land on the ledge, quickly run to the right. If you come up short, then grip the edge and shimmy sideways to the right and pull up. Locate the lit window and jump to the ledge and enter. Continue to the rope and jump to it and slide down to the floor below.

There are two exits from this room, Through one of the exits you can see another door - this is the exit you need to take but don't go through that second door. Turn right and go up the stairs and step on the switch. Drop to the floor below and go outside. Move the box over to the high ledge and use it as a step to climb up. Follow the ledge around to the left and enter the door. The hallway beyond is double-trapped with spikes and slicing blades. Jump the spikes then duck and crawl under the blades. Continue to the right and step on the switch and avoid the dart trap. Turn right and locate the narrow ledge. Jump and grab then shimmy to the left until you are under the door then pull up and enter. Walk outside and turn and pull up to the next ledge.

Ignore the Green Poison Potion on this ledge. Turn and do a running leap to the opposite ledge then turn left and head to the rope. Jump to the rope and swing to the other side then head right to the edge and do a standing jump to the large balcony below. Enter the door and turn left and take the stairs leading down. Jump over the spikes at the bottom of the stairs then turn right and head out onto the bridge. When you are between the four columns turn left and walk off the bridge to the area below. Your now need to jump to the ledge with the guard ahead and to the left. You can either make the jump and kill the guard in hand-to-hand combat, or snipe him with a few arrows then make the jump when it is all clear.

Either way, jump to the ledge and head up the stairs. Enter the room and step on the floor switch to lower a lantern then exit back to the stairs. Go down halfway and jump over the short wall to land in front of a gate which will open as you approach. Go inside and fight the old man who attacks from the left. Continue down the hall from where he attacked and enter the small room. Ride the lift to the top and exit. Turn left and continue to the doorway on the ledge. Avoid the spikes as you enter the door and take a right. Watch out for the sniper in this area. Run across the bridge and turn right. When you arrive at the stairs you will notice a pair of beams running above the stairs.

Jump to either of these beams and shimmy over the stairs which are trapped and will open dropping you in a deadly pit otherwise. At the bottom of the stairs, take the door leading to the next hall with a pair of doors. Both doors lead outside so take either. Jump to the aqueduct and follow the watery path straight ahead into the doorway. Turn left and run down the ramp and jump to the rope swinging to the central platform. Fight and kill the assassin and take his healing potion. Jump to the opposite ledge and climb the short wall and enter the door on the right to end this level.

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Prince of Persia 3D

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