City and Docks: Komplettlösung Prince of Persia 3D

City and Docks

As soon as this level starts quickly climb onto the box on your right and then jump to the ledge above. You could fight the guards below, but there are no rewards for your efforts. Make your way along the ledge until you are above the stone wall with the gate in it. Drop down onto this wall and walk across to the other side then get on the next ledge. Drop off and hang from this ledge and shimmy past the spiked area. Pull up on the other side and turn to face the next ledge across the street. Watch out for the dark raised sections on the corners of both of these ledges. They are triggers for deadly dart traps which launch from behind you.

To avoid the traps jump across at a slight angle to the left and the darts will miss you. Continue forward until you reach a carpeted area with a pair of Life Stealer Arrows. Pick them up then turn and jump across to the lower slanted roof across the street. Drop off to the street below and continue past the fountain until you spot a large guard up ahead. A small alley on the left contains several boxes. You can pull out one of these boxes to access a shape-change potion. When you drink it you will look like the other street guards and can simply walk by anyone you encounter. This is on a timer so get moving. Walk toward the big guard and turn left and head down the street. A pair of guards are at the next intersection.

Turn right and go a short distance then turn right again into a dead end area. Climb the ledge leading to the door and take the ramp up to a room with a Key and a healing potion. Get both then drop through the window to the street below. You will have changed back to the Prince so watch out for the guard who attacks as you hit the pavement. Kill him then return to the fountain. Locate the keyhole at the top of the two short ledges and use the key. Enter the left passage (the right goes to the same location but is heavily trapped) and follow it around to the alley with many ledges and deadly dart traps. Stay along the wall as you approach this area to avoid the darts shooting down the middle of the passage.

Jump across to the opposite ledge then drop to the ground and kill the guard below. Move on top of the grate in the corner and open it to access the sewers below. Follow the watery passage down and turn left. Watch out for the spikes coming out of the walls. Time your dash through the spikes as they are retracting and continue to the hole beyond. Back into the hole and hang onto the edge. The camera will move to an overhead view and you will see a pattern of spikes poking into the shaft. Time your drop when the spikes are retracted and drop to the lower passage. Head up the ramp to the open area where a Muck Monster swims around. You are safe on this ledge and can easily kill him with a few arrows.

He is much harder to kill in hand-to-hand as he has a very fast strike attack. When he is dead you can continue up the opposite ramp. Those spikes are too difficult to jump from here. Turn and pull up to the ledge above then face the spike alley and do a running jump out to the vine. Start swinging and release to land on the opposite ledge. Continue down the tunnel and climb the rope at the end to arrive at the docks. Walk out onto the dock until it collapses. Fall to the lower level and move ahead and around the corner to the left. Turn left at the next corner and you will come to a gap in the wall with a table, pot, and some arrows. Grab the arrows then return to the far side of this building. Find the ramp that crosses the gap between the buildings. Head up the slope and turn and pull up to the next higher ledge.

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