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You should now be on the top section where a door enters the building behind you on the right. Don't enter the door just yet. Turn left and follow the walkway until you reach a wooden ramp leading up. A stone building should be at the top of the ramp to the left. Don't go up the ramp; instead, drop off on the left side and continue forward until you can spot the hole in the floor above. Pull up into the lit room and find the green endurance potion. Drink it and drop back to the deck below. Continue between the buildings until you are overlooking the water. To your right should be the high door leading into the building. Turn left and look down to spot a building below. Beyond this building is a shipwreck out on the horizon.

Get a running start and jump to the roof of this building. Walk to the back edge and stay to the left. Turn and lower yourself over the edge and drop. Grab immediately just in case you miss the walkway below. You will catch yourself and can pull up to the ledge and get the healing potion. The walkway will crumble and fall away if you go to your left, so just pull back up to the roof. Off in the distance ahead of you, you should see the door you need to return to. But first, one more quick stop. Run and jump from the right corner of this roof to land on the nearby walkway. You should be right outside a doorway.

Enter and talk to the man and get the flute from the table. Exit, turn right and jump to the next walkway. Return to the sloped ledge ahead and cross to the building on the left. Climb onto this ledge and walk up the slope then pull up to the next higher ledge. Turn once more and jump to the top ledge and move around to the right to find the door that enters this building. Most of the floor in here is very unstable. Go just inside the door and turn and do a standing jump to the middle of the room. You will land on a stable piece of wood. Now take a few steps back from the far edge of this platform and do a standing jump to the next lower piece of stable floor below. (Use first person viewing to line-up these jumps before attempting them).

Now back off this ledge and hang and drop to the floor below and you won't take any damage. Head toward the corner room with the shovel and you will find a hole leading below. Drop through to the tunnel below and follow the passage to the underground lake. Another Muck Monster swims around here and you can either kill him or avoid him. The far right passage is the safest of the two for exiting. Make your way around the ledges (or wade across the water if you killed the Muck Monster) and enter this passage. When you turn the next corner to the left there will be a bottomless pit. You cannot jump this pit but there is a very narrow ledge along the left side you can walk across.

Past this pit you will see the other tunnel from the lake room branching in from the left. A short passage on the right has a healing potion. At the end of this passage is a coiled rope. Play the flute and it will rise up out of the pit. You may have to try various locations to activate the flute/rope. Climb out of the tunnel to the wharf above. Head down the wharf until it splits off in a Y. Take the right fork to the house at the end and enter. Drink the strength potion which will make the next boss-battle much easier. Return to the Y and take the other path. Ignore the house on the left - it is empty. Keep heading to the right and a giant Muck Monster will attack. He smashes up a lot of the wharf and you will fight him in waist-high water.

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