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You should easily defeat him with the added strength of the potion you just drank. When it is dead you can move ahead to the nearest piece of the wharf. This is the ONLY time you can be in the water without automatically being eaten by a Muck Monster. Once you are on the wood you need to stay on it for the rest of the level. Start jumping across the various broken pieces of the wharf as you make your way toward the Dirigible in the distance. When you reach the wall, climb to the top. Ignore the guard in the nearby boat and quickly dive into the water (this water is safe) to avoid the pair of archers on the towers. Swim to the opposite side of the harbor and exit onto the wooden dock. Ignore the guard here and enter the door to exit the level and start another cool cinematic.


The next few levels are going to test every bit of your patience and your jumping abilities. Almost every jump is a life and death situation and one slip or missed ledge will send you plummeting to your doom. Keep your finger over the QuickSave and use it often! Begin the level by climbing the rope in front of you. Jump off the rope and enter the room and talk to the man then climb the boxes and exit through the hole in the ceiling. Kill the skinny crewman then turn right and jump up to the ledge above. Head right along the ledge and cross the plank leading right and onto the platform. Continue straight and climb up to the next ledge.

There are several crates in this container. Climb the first large crate and jump to the conveyor belt. Run to the opposite side and enter the building to get some arrow. Return to the container and move to the boxes in the back. Climb up these crates and pull up onto the ledge. Turn left and quickly get up the small step and draw your weapon to fight the big guard. When he is dead you can move toward the pressure switch and step on it to open the nearby door. The guard will vanish as you enter this new room and the man inside will tell you that each guard you kill makes all the others stronger. Turn right and get the healing potion then climb up and through the window. Jump from this ledge to the platform below then walk forward and turn right.

Jump over to the box with the rope inside and climb the rope. Exit to the ledge at the top and make your way to the stack of crates nearby. Climb up to the ledge and get more arrows then climb back down the crates and walk back toward the rope. Turn left before you get there and spot the next ledge you need to jump to. Another rope is accessible from this ledge. Climb up and jump from the rope into the room above. Walk to the other end of this box-like room and jump to the rope to avoid the falling floor around it. Climb up and jump to the next platform. Get a running start so you can leap to the doorway and continue up to the platform with the guard. Kill him then continue around this large deck and jump to the wooden platform hanging from several chains.

Climb to the ledge above this then jump to the door. Continue past the gears and up the ramp to the pressure switch. Step on it to lower the drawbridge then return to the machine room. Jump over the trapped floor as you reenter this room then turn right and head out onto the bridge. Jump from the end of the bridge to the platform beyond then climb the crate on the left and continue up to the next ledge. Climb up another crate then turn and jump to the next ledge and follow the walkway to the top. Kill the guard on the right and if you need it you can carefully walk out onto the beams to get the healing potion. Watch out for the pressure plates on some of the beams that will trigger an arrow trap.

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