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A large section of the circular walkway will lower into place. Follow it back around to the right until you spot the healing potion. If you aren't wounded then save the potion until after the next combat. Turn right and walk up the ramp and fight the big guard. Now go get that potion if you need it before continue to the end of this walkway. At the end turn and climb the ledge then head left to the hanging crate. Turn right and jump to the rope. Climb to the platform and jump off then follow the series of platforms until you reach the gold roof. Now is a good time to target the guard ahead with an arrow and finish him off. Jump to the next few platforms then line up for the jump to the big hanging box.

When you land on the box run forward and jump to the central platform quickly before the box lowers and you have to repeat all this over again. Ignore the floor plates and the switch and turn to the vertical wood walls on the right. Jump to the wall and grab on and pull up. Do a standing jump to the tent then run off the canvas and continue forward. A guard will be pursuing you from behind, but you can easily beat him to the lift around the corner to the right. Ride it to the top then enter the next lift to the left and ride it to the next level. Exit the lift and watch the guard leave this area. Walk out onto the catwalk and it will crumble taking you down with it. Now you are forced to take the very long way to get to that exit.

Head to the end of this walkway and turn left. Back off the ledge and hang until the platform slides beneath you. Drop and ride it to the other side where you can climb up to a ledge with a conveyor belt and a blade trap. Cross the treadmill and time your jump through this trap and cling to the opposite ledge to pull up. Turn left and leap to the horizontal beam and swing across to the opposite ledge. Turn right and ride the lift to the upper ledge. Run, jump, and swing across a pair of horizontal beams to the next ledge then get ready for a difficult jump. Jump out to the rope and start swinging. As you swing watch the moving wooden platform and when it is nearing the slicing blade trap below let go at the right moment to land on this moving platform.

Jump to the next stationary platform then hang off the ledge and wait for the platform to slide below you so you can drop down. Ride this platform and jump to the next platform when you get close enough and ride this one to the far side where you can jump and climb to the ledge. Turn left and jump into the doorway and flip the switch to lower the lift behind you. Climb on and ride it to the top. Turn and jump out the window onto the ledge. Turn left and leap to the walkway and follow it around to the end. Drop to the ledge below and face the next section where large boxes are moving in and out. Time your run past these boxes and turn right to enter the door at the far side of this puzzle. Drop to the platform below and walk to the ledge.

Climb down to the suspended catwalk with the pair of blade traps. Time your run through the first trap then jump and grab as the middle section of the catwalk falls away. Get past the remaining blade trap then turn left and wait for the giant fan blades to spin around. Time your jump early so you land on the blade and quickly turn to face the outside edge of the blade. When you spin to the far side jump to the ledge with the crate. Use the crate to climb to the upper ledge and step on the pressure plate to open the door. Enter to fight the crew boss. This guy is tough and with ten health points on his side you will have to use some good strategy to defeat him. Block his attacks and counter with your own to do extra damage.

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