Upper Dirigible: Komplettlösung Prince of Persia 3D

When he is dead you can move forward and flip the switch on the wall. This entire section will spin so that the walls are now floors. You will also lose all your weapons. Continue forward and start climbing the walls which now form ledges. Make your way to the crate and use it to step up to even higher wall sections. When you reach the very top you can pull up into the elevator. Ride it to the top and exit to the walkway. Follow it around to the left and then the right until it ends at a small gazebo.

Upper Dirigible

Exit the left and head up the steps to the waterfall. Jump in the pool and get the key then turn and head back to the arches on the right. Enter and use the key on the lock to open the timed gate. Enter quickly but stop just on the other side as a pair of statues with swords will move in to slice you. Wait for the statues to pull back before dashing between them. A guard is waiting for you in the next room but you are still unarmed. Run across the first pressure plate to open the gate. Jump over the second floor switch and run through the gate and over the third switch to shut the gate. You are safe for now so continue down this passage.

When you reach the bunkhouse check the left side and pick up the staff weapon. Continue up the ramp and to the left to the next door. A guard is in this room and you can test your new weapon on him. When he is dead you need to get past another pair of slicing statues then quickly duck down to avoid the giant ceiling fan which will take your head clean off if you get too close. Stay down until you get to the safety of the hall on the left then you can stand and exit back outside. Drop to the plank below and run to the other side. It will start to retract so you must be quick. Jump through the opposite door and into the next room where a wall switch will activate a giant forklift. It will move a giant box to the opening in the floor and drop it.

As soon as the box is dropped run and leap to the forklift and grab on. Ride it to the other side and pull up to the ledge and quickly get to the left so you don't get crushed by the next box that drops in. Walk around to the door in the right wall behind the box and continue. Cross the bridge and get the healing potion as you make your way down a series of ramps. The floor will open and dump you into a lower area with a floor switch. It opens the door leading to a small room which dumps you to a ledge when you enter. Turn and find the path of hanging platforms leading down. Kill the guard on the first platform and get his healing potion. Now start making your way along the rest of the platforms until you reach the green stone platform with the sliding box.

Get past this box and then jump to the wooden box below with the hole in the corner. Drop into the box and get against the wall to avoid the arrows of the sniper outside. Run across the short walkway to the next green ledge and get past the sliding box on this ledge. Jump to the platform and grab onto the rope and climb up. Quickly get off the rope and turn to fight the archer who has been shooting at you. When he is dead you can take his bow and enter the room ahead to get some arrows. Turn to the opening and make a daring running leap to the far platform. Turn left and spot the next group of hanging platforms leading up. Start climbing. When you reach the top you will be on of those green platforms from earlier.

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