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Head to the right and into the next room with a water trough above that feeds the showers in this room. A floor switch at the back of this room opens the wooden gates above and starts the water flowing. Move over to the trough next to the door that just opened and jump and pull up to the trough then enter through the gate opening. Jump in the water and start swimming. Exit to the shore on the right and climb out. Head to the left and climb up the short ledge. Run across the bridge and jump at the last minute to make it to the other side. If you fall in you will have to swim back and try again. This time the bridge won't be there so you will have to run and grab and pull up on the opposite edge.

Go to the series of ledges to the left and climb up until you can enter the passage at the top. Continue down this passage until you reach the watery pit with the spikes below. Do a running jump over this pit and grab at the last minute so you can grip the opposite edge and pull up. Keep going until you arrive at the wall then crouch down and crawl through the opening. Talk to the prisoner in the next room who gives you some useful information on the upcoming area and the guards. Enter the next hall and turn right and go to the corner where you can spot a guard walking back and forth. Wait until he is walking away from you then jump to the nearest beam above and pull up. Jump to the middle beam and look right to spot an Invisibility Potion.

Drink it then quick drop to the floor and proceed to the end of the hall and trigger the floor plate which opens the gate further ahead. While you are still invisible, quickly run past the first guard and back down the hall and around the corner. A guard will be coming out of the door ahead but you can run right by him. Continue down to the next T-intersection and head right jumping over the spikes and through the door. Continue slowly through this next passage between the pair of spike traps in the first part of the hall and to either side of the traps around the corner. In the next area, climb to the top of the wooden roof and face the opening in the wall and jump through.

Head to the door on the right and follow the passage past the sleeping guard to the stairs leading up. At the top, continue left then right until you reach the pair of doors on either wall. The door on the right just has a worker who tells you to get a weapon. Ignore him and this room and enter the door on the left and. Head to the left wall and move the crate to reveal a concealed cave with a Healing Potion. You may want to save this for your return trip or drink it now if you need it. Crouch down to get in and drink the potion then return to the hall and continue to the left. Go up the steps and turn the crank to activate the winch which raises a box to uncover several rats. Drop to the floor and follow the tracks leading into the passage where you will find a lever next to the torch on the right.

Flip the lever to open the door to the left and enter. Walk out onto the wooden plank then jump and pull up to the platform above. Do a running jump to the opposite ledge and cling to the edge and pull up. Do another running jump to the following platform. At the end of the corridor jump diagonally to the right platform and pull up. If you fall you will take some damage but a Healing Potion is behind one of the boxes. Climb back out by the winch and try again. The gray room ahead has a guard on duty. Do a running leap into the doorway on the left side of this room and run to the stairs on the left. At the top of the steps you will need to crouch under the blade trap then stand and head up the stairs on the right.

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