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You will need to step out onto the box as it slides out and ride it to its furthest limit then jump to the platform above. Run across the long platform and jump as the middle falls out. Grab if you come up short and continue to the end where you can climb onto the box. Above the box is a very nasty meat grinder which spins then shuts down just long enough for you to pull up and run to the far side and climb up through the hole in the ceiling. This takes careful time and you need to make sure you get around the far edge of the blade. When you are above the chopping machine turn and head through the door leading to the conveyor belt with a pair of chopping blades. Time your run through this area carefully and drop to the floor on the other side.

A door on the left leads to a ramp heading up to a grassy area. A guard patrols this area - you may fight him or ignore him and run to the arches on the left. Head toward the pool in the center of this area and climb up the first two ledges and find the ledge that sticks out toward another suspended ledge along the far wall. Jump to this hanging ledge and drink the super-jump potion. Jump straight up to the platform above and stand on the floor switch to lower the drawbridge. Jump across to the drawbridge and go to the center and jump straight up again through the hole in the ceiling. Jump to one of the ledges along the far wall then drop to the ledge below and stand on the floor switch to lower another bridge.

Climb back to the top ledge and jump back to the center. Cross this new bridge and jump to the ledge on the other side of the room. Climb up to the top ledge and stand on another switch to lower the elevator back in the center structure. Return to the center and ride the elevator to the top. When you reach the top, grab the rope and climb up to the room above and follow the hall that leads to a series of ramps. Head up the ramps then drop into the next room and turn left to face a hallway with large wooden hammers waiting to pound you into the floor. Time your run past the hammer and make your way into the next passage. Turn right and stay along the wall to avoid the flames shooting out of the wall.

Turn left and drop down through the hole and talk to the man. He will tell you about poisonous gas in the next room. Stand on the switch to open the door and enter the room. Locate the box and the vent in the center of the room then slide the box on top of the vent to block the deadly gas. Flip the wall switch to lower the lift and quickly climb on before it goes back up. Turn and kill the guard who is charging at you as you exit the lift. Head out onto the catwalk and jump to the central platform. Climb onto any of the gold blocks around the perimeter of this platform and use them to climb up to the upper deck. In the center of this deck is a large catapult and a floor switch that will rotate the device clockwise.

Several towers surround you, but only one has a lowered drawbridge. Stand on the switch once to rotate the catapult and aim it at this tower. Then climb up and hop onto the catapult to be launched through the air toward the tower. You will hit the safety net and bounce out onto the ledge. Turn and jump up to the platform directly above then walk forward and turn and climb up once more to end the level.

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