Dirigible Finale: Komplettlösung Prince of Persia 3D

Dirigible Finale

Climb the ledge and head to the right. A guard exits the first tower and you must defeat him before proceeding. Run toward the rope and jump and grab on as the floor breaks away beneath you. Swing to the center and land on the platform which also breaks sending you to the ledge below. Enter the central room and climb the rope to the room above. Once you are on this level you can pull up to any of the four ledges above you. In the center is a floor switch will will drop several wall sections and reveal your arch nemesis, Rugnor. Prepare to fight. Once again you must use all your combat skills. Watch for his attacks and block them then immediately follow-up with a counter attack.

Retreat and try to bait him into attacking then strike when he moves into range of your staff weapon. When he is dead you will see a great cinematic and then you will be off to the next level.

Floating Ruins

Well if you thought you did a lot of jumping and ledge-hopping in that last level - you ain't seen nuthin' yet! This level is the mother of all jumping levels and I highly recommend QuickSaving after every successful jump or you will go insane before the level is finished. Even worse is that almost every missed jump is fatal and there are several long stretches where you cannot even save your game. Just keep pounding that F6 key before and after each successful jump and you will be fine. The previous cinematic had our hero plunging to his doom. Fortunately for our hero, there was a pool of water floating in the air that he could splash into.

Swim to the surface and climb out onto the ledge and get your bearings. Try not to get sick from the green swirling clouds or spinning stone ruins as you make your first leap to the nearest ledge. The platform ahead has a winged demon waiting for you. These guys take 4-5 arrows to kill so you decide on how you want to kill him. Kill him from here or jump to his ledge and use your staff. Climb the next ledge leading to a platform. Run to the end of the platform and a new piece will fall into place. Keep on running and the path will create itself as you continue. It will also be collapsing behind you so don't stop running. At the end you will need to jump and grab to cover the small gap.

Once you are on the solid platform you can locate the moving boxes and get ready for more jumping. Jump to the first box then onto the second as it passes by. A running jump from this box will get you to the ledge above then you can turn right and follow the series of ledges that lead to the rope. Swing to the horizontal bar then swing to the ledge beyond. Turn right and jump to the rope and swing across the gap then turn right again and climb the next two ledges. Run to the end of this ledge and turn right to spot a large plateau sticking out of the rocks. Directly ahead is a column on a narrow ledge. Jump to the right of the column and get the healing potion. Return to the previous ledge and turn left and jump over to the ledge.

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