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Run and jump over the crumbling section to the middle then climb up to the ledge sticking out of the cliff. The camera will pull back showing three ledges sliding out. Climb to either side ledge and then jump to the middle ledge and climb up into the hole. Jump to the horizontal bar and swing to the rocks ahead. You will land on the far side of a slope and start sliding down. Start holding the grab button and you will grip the bar at the bottom of this slide. Swing once more to the next bar then shimmy to the right and line-up with the next ledge. When you are ready, swing and launch to this ledge. Follow the curving path around to your first encounter with a Grease Monkey monster. Choose arrows or your staff and when he is dead you can take his healing potion.

Continue to the structure ahead and climb up and turn left to face the gap in the floor. Jump the gap and move to the left and jump onto the floating rock. Ride it to the top and turn to face the opening in the wall. Jump to the opening and enter. As you run down this next area several stone slabs will slide out and try to crush you. Swing across the horizontal bar and get to the far end and jump across the gap to the safety of the next floating platform. Move forward and climb up to the next section on the right and continue around this L-shaped ledge. Jump to the top of the structure and start running down the new ledge. More slabs will slide out but you can get past them easily as long as you don't stop running.

Jump to the next piece of floating wall and follow it around to the ledge with the hole. Jump into the hole and watch for more crushing slabs in this room. Head to the far side and drop through the hole then turn to spot some ledges you can jump to. Make your way across these ledges and kill another flying demon. Continue to the right and jump to the building and head down the stairs. You are now at the beginning of a new series of platforms that lead to a large stone wall. Start jumping and you will come to a switch that will raise a large section revealing an opening in the wall. Continue across to this opening and get the super-jump potion. Jump across the first two platforms then turn left and jump to the large plateau.

If you are in need of health at this point you can take a side-trip to the gazebo on the left and climb the spiral steps. Jump the gaps and make your way to the roof where a healing potion rests on a narrow ledge. Your ultimate destination is the platforms on the right. Jump to them and continue to the next plateau and continue up to the ledge with the demon. Kill the demon then turn right and jump out to the narrow wall and get the arrows. Return to the L-shaped section of this wall and use the short side of the L to get a running start to jump back to the upper plateau. Start making your way up the long series of floating rocks until you are on the final stone that takes you up between two possible destinations.

One path leads to a large statue and the other path leads to a strange device with lightning. Go towards the lightning for now. Head up the short ramp and onto the stone bridge. The short towers on either side conceal blade traps. Drop off either side of the bridge and shimmy past the towers then pull back up and continue to the rotating disc ahead. There are three pools around this area and each pool will teleport you to another. This is the only way to get past the deadly lightning. Locate the pool with the stairs leading down and jump in. Swim to the bottom to teleport to the next pool. Surface then swim down to teleport once again.

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Prince of Persia 3D

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