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You should now be in a pool just to the left of a new path leading to a small temple-like structure with a purple gem. If not then keep using the pools to teleport until you can exit and access this bridge without being blocked by lightning. Jump to the rotating disc then quickly jump to the stone bridge and follow it out to the temple. Get the gem then climb up to another bridge with blades in the towers. Hang off the side and shimmy past then pull up and jump into the pool on the right. Teleport back to the pool to the left of the entrance bridge to this area. Jump to the disc and back to the bridge. Repeat the shimmy move to get past the blade trap then head toward the statue of the face. Head down the short ramp and jump to the stone that is going up and down then jump across to the opposite ledge and go up the short ramp to the hands.

As you approach, one hand will open. Climb up the right side of the statue and insert the purple gem into the empty eye socket then drop to the ground and the other hand will open freeing Iamasu. This winged creature will fly away for now. Enter the area where he was being held prisoner and claim the sword. You can use it right away on the winged demon who attacks. Slide down the ramp to the next tricky area. This area is only confusing because of the misleading camera angle. If you start panning the camera around you will see what looks like a solid floor is made up of various ledges at different heights. Plan your path then move forward and jump to the two platforms diagonally to your left. Continue across the ledges until you reach the ledge with the Grease Monkey.

You can either fight him or just run past into the doorway - he won't pursue you. Ride the lift to the top then walk to the edge and jump up to the hole above and pull up. Climb the rope that you find here and jump off at the top then pull up to the ledge the rope was attached to. Climb up the short stone wall ahead then climb the rope beyond that to the entrance above. Jump off the rope and enter the round room. Move around to the left and find the box. Slide it against the wall with the keyhole in it then continue around to the floor switch and step on it. A machine will lower from the ceiling and in a burst of magic you are reduced in size to only a few inches tall. Move around to the string to your left which now serves as a rope.

Climb up and jump off to the ledge behind you then turn left and pull up to the wooden arm. Walk out to the spinning disc and run clockwise against the spinning. Avoid the flame jets and jump to the railing along the wall. Walk along this railing and jump to the box you previous slid against the wall. Enter the keyhole and out the other side just as you get big again. This next section has more ledges for you to jump to. Continue forward until you can go no further then head to the right making your way to the Shrine on the right. Climb up to the Shrine and enchant one of your arrows. Quickly climb up to the next higher ledge and aim to your left at the guard on the high ledge.

Shoot him with the Arrow of Possession and you will become the guard. Move the stone slab on this ledge and push it below. By now you are probably the Prince again. Jump down to this ledge and push the block over so you can use it to get up to the narrow ledge with the green potion. Drink the endurance potion to increase your total possible health. Now return to the ledge with the Shrine and continue up. Don't bother enchanting another arrow - it will wear off long before you get to use it. Keep going until you can enter the door high above.

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