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As you enter the arena through one of the archways, three doors will open and three demons will attack. Even with your increased stamina you are no match for these odds. Just run straight ahead toward the platform where Iamasu just landing. Mount the magical beast and he will take you away from the demons and this demonic level.


Run past Iamasu and jump across the gap to the ledge. If you miss you won't fall far and can still pull up on the other side. Continue around to the next ledge and keep climbing up until you reach the top then turn right to face the ledge by the waterfall which looks further than it really is. Since you are higher you can easily make this jump. Once you land, turn to face the falls and jump through the water to the cave inside and get the stash of five arrows. Exit the cave and start jump to the ledges on the right. Start climbing the vertical rock steps until you reach the top. From this plateau you should spot a rope stretched across the gap near the falls.

Jump to the rope and shimmy across until you are facing the ledge on the other side then swing and launch toward this ledge. Climb up some more ledges and head left into the area with the block of ice. This is actually a frozen Monk and you need to thaw him out to unlock the nearby door. Continue past the monk and up the next series of steep steps. You will reach a large stone temple entrance at the top. Continue past this door along the narrow ledge and find the cave in the cliff. Climb into the cave and get the chunk of meat the rats are eating then return to the temple door. Enter and head into the room with three doors and a pressure plate. Drop the meat on the pressure plate and the rats will come over to eat.

Their weight will trip the switch and you can enter either the right door or the one ahead of you. The left door is you exit out of here in a few moments. Follow either of the passage to the corner room where a large demon will attack. Kill the demon then go step on the switch by the skull. This will reveal a magical flame which you can use to enchant one of your arrows. This only lasts a very short time so quickly run back to the previous room and down the other passage. Carefully run out of the opening at a sharp angle to the right - if you have too much forward momentum you will fall to your death. Quickly run down the steps and whip out your bow and shoot the magical arrow at the frozen Monk.

If you are quick enough the arrow will still be hot and the Monk will melt and unlock the door for you. Continue through to the next area. Walk onto the plateau and onto the patch of snow. You will fall through to a cave below. Exit the cave and climb down the ledges until you reach the bottom. Turn around and spot a cave with a healing potion inside. Once you get the potion exit the cave and locate the ledge directly above the entrance. Continue climbing several ledges until you reach the top ledge with the pool of water. Look to the right and spot a very narrow ledge. You can jump and grab onto this ledge and shimmy to the right until you can pull up on the larger ledge.

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