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Continue around the cliff and continue climbing up until you reach the ledge with the broken rope bridge above. Turn and run to the hanging rope and swing to the opposite ledge then head around the narrow ledge to the left. Watch out for the collapsing sections as you make your way to the top of the next large plateau. Grab the arrows on the final step before reaching the top then left toward the next rock formation. Avoid the patches of snow on this plateau as they all conceal bottomless pits. Jump the chasm and start climbing more ledges until you reach the top level with the guardhouse and a giant WereRat. These guys are so short it is hard to hit them with the sword - I recommend the staff weapon to finish them off quickly.

When the creature is dead continue to the door and step on the pressure switch partially concealed in the snow drift to the right of the door. Enter and pass through to the other side where another guard will attack. Kill him then continue forward and turn left to find an entrance. Watch out for the collapsing floor in the middle of this room. A potion his behind a gate to the right but you need to drop through the hole to the floor below. Another WereRat attacks but you know how to defeat them now. Head away from the rope down the narrow passage to find a green endurance potion. After you drink it, return to the rope and climb up to the area above. You are now on the other side of that previous gate so you can drink the invisibility potion then quickly climb up the raised section and pull up to the room above.

An assassin guard the hole in the floor but if you walk you can sneak by him and drop through the hole to the other side of the gate and exit this building. Back outside, continue forward to the long patch of unstable snow with the rope stretched across. Watch out for the sniper in the top of the guard tower you passed through when you entered. You can kill him if you want but I recommend saving your arrows. You can cross this next hazardous area one of two ways. You can make a mad dash across the snow-bridge; as long as you don't stumble or stop you will make it. You can also drop off the edge here to the ledge below and start making your way across a long series of ledges and jumps to get to the other side.

There is no reason to take this obviously harder route unless you collapsed the snow bridge and are still on this side. When you reach the other side you will be in a tiled area and a demon will be attacking from the passage. Kill him and take his healing potion then continue down the passage to the underground lake. Dive in and swim to the left and continue deeper into the cavern and exit the water on the shore to the right. Walk past the ramp and over to the switch which opens the door. Enter the room and flip another switch to shut the gate and stop the water from pouring into this cavern. Now exit and return to the ramp you just passed and go up and turn left. Pass the first turn to the left and continue to the back wall and jump the gap where the water gate is.

On the other side, turn left and follow the path around to the right and into the next area. Follow the tunnel into the room with the large skull and a pair of switches on opposite walls. Press both switches and the skull will rise and release a demon which you must defeat. When he is dead you can press both of the switches again and the skull will rise again and you can enter and get the feather-fall potion. Press the switch inside here to open the gate behind you. Return to bridge that extends out over the water and jump off to the right and swim to the stone wall with the three openings. Climb to the top of the wall and walk to the left end. Face the ledge beyond and jump. Your feather fall ability will seem to make you jump in slow motion.

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