Sun Temple: Komplettlösung Prince of Persia 3D

This is great for dropping or jumping further than you normally could have before. Start climbing the next series of ledges until you reach the top. An archer is around the corner high on a ledge. You can try to snipe him from here but I recommend just charging down the path and jumping to his ledge. Hang from the ledge until just after he fires an arrow then quickly pull up and charge with your sword. You should be able to kill him before he can reload his bow or switch to another weapon. Continue up the next series of ledges to the raging underwater river. Jump in and press the grab button immediately. You will start grabbing onto the rocks in the river which will slow your trip down the river.

When you finally go flying out over the falls make sure you are grabbing just in case you overshoot the rope bridge. You will grab the railing and can pull up. Standing on the bridge facing the falls, turn and go right. Continue along the ledge and jump the gap to the next ledge. A rope is stretched across the gap and you must jump to it and shimmy across. The trick is that with your new feather-fall ability you must stand much further back than normal so your new increased arc puts you on the rope and not over it. Take about 4 steps back and jump at an angle toward the rope and grab. Shimmy to the other side and land on the ledge then jump to the rope on the right and swing to the other side.

Jump up to the overhanging ledge on the left then jump to the ledge on the right. Now comes a very tricky climbing and shimmy section. You need to make your way up the next series of ledges but due to the camera angle you often cannot see these narrow ledges. Try shifting your camera view to a higher angle and you should start spotting the narrow ledges you can use to shimmy to wider ledges you can stand on. As you near the final ledge you will come to a section where you will be going to the left and cannot shimmy any further or pull up. At this point you need to let go of the ledge and immediately grab again to catch the ledge below. This technique will be use several more times in the upcoming levels so I will refer to it as the drop/grab move.

After you have climbed your way to the top you can head down the passage to the other side to a ledge overlooking a massive lake. Take the sloped ledge up to the right and climb to the plateau above with the pair of guardhouses. Head to the first door and step on the pressure plate to open the door. Draw your sword and sidestep into the doorway and start swinging. You should get the advantage of surprise and get several free hits on the assassin inside. When he is dead you can continue to the second guardhouse and repeat the same procedure. When he is dead you can flip the switch on the right wall to lower the drawbridge and enter the temple.

Sun Temple

A channel of lava blocks your progress and a female assassin waits for you on the opposite side. Jump the lava and kill her quickly. Your destination is to the right through the Jaws of Death trap but you must first head left and do a few things. Go to the end of the room and locate the button in the floor. Stepping on the button opens the gate back through the Jaws of Death but only for a short time. You must find something to keep the button down. Jump to the ledge above the button and kill the guard waiting for you. Move forward and climb up through the hole in the ceiling and climb up to the next passage.

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