Moon Temple: Komplettlösung Prince of Persia 3D

At the far end is a box you can push over the edge which will land on the button and permanently open the gate. Now you can retrace your steps back to the floor and head to the other side of the room. Time your dash through the Jaws of Death and enter the next area. Turn left and go through the now-open gate and cross the bridge. When you are halfway out, turn and go to the switch on the right wall and flip it to get some ledges to start moving. Return to the bridge and turn right to continue to the other side and flip the switch on the right side of the gate to open it. Move out onto the ledge and start jumping from platform to platform. You will want to jump quite early (almost a full platform-width) to land on each successive platform.

When you reach the opposite ledge, go through the door and enter the next hallway. Continue down the hall through another Jaws of Death trap then turn left into the next room. The door will shut behind you and a guard will attack. Kill the guard then exit down the passage to the right. The floor will collapse and send you falling into the next level.

Moon Temple

SPLASH! Exit the pool and dry yourself off then head up the stairs. Enter the room and note the chunks of ceiling on the floor. Climb up these pieces then jump the huge hole in the floor to the right and continue through the door. Turn right and follow the passage around to the door on the left and enter. Kill the assassin guard inside then climb onto the block then up through the ceiling. Turn left and jump across the huge chasm to the opposite side. Hang from the edge and drop to the ledge below and pull up to the larger ledge. Head right along the ledge and through the cave into the next area. Drink the healing potion then turn left and walk out to the next area.

Jump across this new chasm to the ledge on the other side. Now start climbing up from ledge to ledge until you reach the top. Now jump across to the far ledge and go up through the hole into the room. Go around the right side of the raised portion and either go around or jump over the hole. Continue around and climb up to the raised section. Walk around to the center of the raised section and spot the opening above. Carefully move to the edge of the spiked area and jump to pull up to the area above. Now you are in a large cave with an exit along one of the walls. Go through this exit to enter the temple. Now take a left and climb onto another piece of ceiling and jump over the hole in the floor.

Continue down the hall until you reach the large circular room. Enter and kill the assassin guard then exit through the only other door in this room. There is a healing potion here and a long pit to the right. You need to jump to the narrow ledge and shimmy across the pit while a sniper shoots arrows at you from the opposite side. Pull up and kill him before he can switch to a close-range weapon. Continue past the dead guard into the next area and step on the floor switch to activate a large tower in the center of this room. Enter the door on the right side of this large room and continue to another chunk of ceiling. Climb on and jump the hole on the other side and continue down the hall to a room with three sets of spiked floor traps.

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