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Stay to the right and continue past the traps to the next room. In here is a gate with a potion behind it and a pit bordered on two sides with spikes. Face the pit with your back to the gate and approach the LEFT ledge. Turn sideways and sidestep between the spikes and the pit then lower yourself down and hang from the edge. Drop and grab onto the horizontal rope below. You should now be facing a vertical rope so swing and launch to this rope then climb to the top. Jump off the rope so the assassin is on the other side of the pit. This gives you time to decide whether you want to fight or run. Around the corner to the left is a healing potion which you can get before or after the battle.

When you are ready, climb the rocks to the right of the pit. Keep going up to the ledge and flip the switch to lower the giant telescope in another room. Turn and find the hole in the floor behind you and use it to return to the ground floor (back by the pit flanked with the spikes). When you drop you need to grab again to grip the edge and pull up then sidestep past the spikes. Exit this room through the door on the right then take a left to enter the room with the telescope. Climb onto the telescope and run up the top and jump to the high ledge beyond the high end. Turn right and go through the door and continue to the room with the rope hanging in the middle. This is a very tricky section.

An archer on the opposite ledge will be shooting at you as you make your way across this room. Run and jump to the rope and at the far end of your swing release and either land on or grab the ledge above the ledge with the archer. If you miss this ledge you will either grip the spiked ledge below or hit the floor and die - either way, you will want to restore and try the jump and swing again. When you are on the narrow ledge move to either side and do a sideways-jump to either narrow ledge on either side of this one. Grab onto the ledge and hang, then drop and hang onto the lower ledge (without spikes) and pull up. Get behind the column and wait for the archer to fire then rush him while he is reloading and kill him with your sword.

Enter the door behind the archer and follow the hall to the left. Enter the room with the pair of ledges. Ignore the lower ledge as it is trapped with a deadly slicing blade in the wall. Continue to the next room and find the box that you can push back into the previous room and place under the higher ledge. Use the box as a step to reach this ledge and climb up. Enter the next hall and kill the assassin. Follow the passage to the switch and flip it to open the roof above the giant lens and flood the area with moonlight. Return to where you just killed the archer and take either side ledge to reach the floor below. Run up the far stairs being careful not to get stuck with the spike trap in the center of this room.

Up the stairs, turn right and go through the door and return to the room with the three spike traps in the floor. Go to the end of this room and turn right and down the hall from before. Jump the hole and climb the chunk of ceiling and you will be back in the large room with the tower that you activated earlier. Cross this room and go up the curving stairs and flip the switch on the upper ledge to rotate the lens. The moon beam will turn and open a new set of door. Go down the stairs and into this new passage. It makes a sharp right reversing turn at the end and you are face-to-face with a big demon. You can kill him now or run past him into the next room - he won't follow. Turn and climb up the ledge on the left and find the switch that activates the lens in this room.

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