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The moonbeam will be redirected and a new passage will open. Drop down and go through this door and get ready for a deadly trap. A large pit ahead can only be crossed by doing a running jump to the rope and swinging across. The only problem is that a row of spikes are on this side of the pit. You have to time your run and jump so that you clear the spikes but still grab onto the rope at the end of your arc. It may take a few tries so save your game. When you do grab onto the rope you need to make sure to release at the end of your first swing. If you swing back to this side you will get stuck on the spikes. Release and grab onto the ledge on the opposite side. Climb up at the far left where there are no spikes and continue.

Go through the door into the courtyard and run through the archway where you will find a switch you can flip. Return to the center of the courtyard and grab the healing potion located to the right. Now head the other direction through the door where a female assassin is waiting for you. Kill her and continue to the large chasm with a pair of ropes hanging over it. A row of spikes are right in front of you. Carefully walk forward then jump up to the bar across the door. Swing out to the first rope and then swing to the second rope. You must release and grab the second rope on your first swing or you will swing back onto the spikes in the door.

Once you are on the second rope you can swing back and forth and increase your arc until you are ready to launch to the dark rope. Climb this rope to the top and jump off. Deal with the assassin who will try to ambush you as you arrive. Continue through this room and around the corner where another harder assassin is waiting. Kill him then continue through the archway and get the healing potion. Turn left and enter the next room. The ledge splits with the left leading to a closed gate. Go right and hang off the edge and drop and grab the ledge just below. Pull up and flip the switch to open a new door. Go through this new door and fight the assassin with the double-blades before moving to the moving ledges.

Jump to the first ledge and grab if necessary. Jump to the second ledge and turn left and jump into the doorway in the left wall. Continue along this path until you reach the ledge that splits in two directions. Go left and flip the switch to raise a new lens tower. Now you need to return to the very first tower room with the open ceiling. The easiest route is to return to the split in this ledge and take the other path to the hole in the ceiling. Climb up and follow the path to the gate which will open as you approach. This is the same closed gate from earlier where the path split. Drop down to the room below and head through the open door and follow the moonbeam through the hall. This is the same hall with the demon from earlier.

The passage does the reverse turn to the left this time and takes you back to the main room. Head up the curving stairs and flip the switch again to rotate the lens to its original position. Head through the door that opens after you flip the switch and follow it around to the next trapped hall. This hall has two rows of spikes so the only way to cross is to use the horizontal bar above the hall. Jump up and grab the first bar and swing to each of the bars down the hall until you reach the other side. Launch into the room and land on the floor then turn right and find the rope that leads up through a hole above. Climb up to this ledge and return to the door next to the switch from earlier.

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Prince of Persia 3D

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