Ivory Tower: Komplettlösung Prince of Persia 3D

At the top, turn right and go to the wall with the shower and climb the ledge. Head to the right over by the brick wall where you will find a box you can move so that it is lined up with the hole in the wall. Now move to the side and push the box into the hole and watch the guard get crushed below. Drop down and retrieve the guard's sword. You now have a weapon and won't have to sneak around as much. Head over to the ledge opposite of where the crate fell and climb up. Return to the opposite ledge in the corner then return through the hallway by jumping to each of the platforms. Jump down in the next room and fight the guard below then exit through the open passage and follow more tracks leading to a crate and a winch.

Climb the ledge and activate the winch to raise the box and reveal a green Endurance Potion. This is the first of several rare potions that will increase your overall stamina. Follow more tracks to the room with the rats and jump up to the ledge above. Kill the new guard in this passage and drink the Healing Potion he leaves behind. Grab that potion in the room to the right if you didn't get it the first time through this area. Continue to the end of this hall then head down the stairs to the left. Approach the sleeping guard who will wake up and engage you in combat. When he is dead you can pull the lever on the wall to open the door in the next room past the blade trap. Take the hall to the right that leads out and back to the beginning of this area.

To the left is the hole you jumped through and to the right is the door you just opened. Directly ahead is a guard you can either fight or run past when his back is turned. Go into the room on the right with the red glowing floor and turn right to face the sculpture of Assan's head. Watch the cinematic showing the guard activating the sculpture and opening the gate. Go over to the table and grab the box then return to the previous room and head left. Crawl under the slicing blade trap and enter the Torture Chamber. Move toward the head-crushing device and put the box on it.

Then go and flip the nearby lever to activate the device and smash the box revealing a bracelet. Go get the bracelet then exit this room by crawling back through the blade trap passage and return to the room with Assan's head. Stand in front of the sculpture and activate it to open the gate. Follow the passage beyond and fight another guard in the next room. When he is dead you can enter the door to the blue area and watch the closing movie. You have escaped from the prison.

Ivory Tower

You begin in the blue hall you entered as you left the prison level. Turn right and head up the ramp and through the door. A cinematic takes over and a sniper at the top of the tower will fire several arrows at you which you barely dodge. You end up flat against the wall. Turn left and run across the bridge to get out of the sniper's view and examine the area around the pool. To the right is a drawbridge, but as you near it the guard raises the bridge. You need to find some way to flip that switch from way over here - perhaps a bow and arrow...from the sniper above. Continue around the pool until you spot the wooden bridge with a gap.

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