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The door is now open with the moon beam hitting it so turn right and enter. Follow the passage and stairs leading to the next area. There are four square symbols (two on the floor and two on the wall) and each symbol has a Roman numeral. You either need to memorize the symbols or make a crude sketch so you can get past the next puzzle. I did this puzzle three times and the pattern was never the same. When you reach the next hall there will be a large checkerboard section of floor made up of various symbols. You need to cross this floor by jumping to each symbol in the proper order (1,2,3,4 or in this case I, II, III, IV). This means you will often have to reverse direction just to land on a non-lethal square.

If you step on the wrong symbol it is GAME OVER, so make sure you save before starting this puzzle. When you step on the forth symbol in the sequence you will start over with the first symbol (usually the brown square). To get across this room you will repeat the 4-square pattern three times, so you will be stepping on twelve squares to get across this area. Head through the double doors on the other side to confront Rugnor one final time.


What treachery is this? Rugnor has tied the Princess to a giant cog on some diabolical machine. She is slowly turning toward another cog which will certainly crush her and any chance of a future for your marriage. Not to put any pressure on you, but you have about 150 seconds to defeat Rugnor in the final battle. To make matters worse - you can QuickSave your game but if you restore you will start at the beginning of the level - even though everything else will be the same. Run down the catwalk and up the stairs. Jump to the ledge and start the first battle with Rugnor. When he take enough damage he will back off and drink a potion to heal himself and then teleport to a ledge high above.

You must quickly turn to the left and jump to the chain. Climb up and the camera will pull out for an exciting view of your climb with the helpless Princess in the background. Jump back off the rope to the ledge and walk out onto the beam and turn left. Jump and grab the first ledge and pull up. Then pull up to the second ledge where Rugnor waits for the final battle. A Cinematic will cut in somewhere around this point showing the Princess nearing her doom. You have about 1 minute left. Whip out your sword one final time and defeat Rugnor once and for all. His death will ironically save the Princess and you can sit back and enjoy the closing movie.

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