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Jump the gap to land on the bridge and follow it as it ramps up and through an arch. Head to the right and follow the walkway. Climb up onto the ledge and continue around until you reach a stone wall. This can be a very deadly trap if you aren't fast. Stand against the wall with the blades on your right and jump and cling to the wall (do NOT pull up or you will die in the blade trap on top of the ledge). While you are hanging, shimmy to the right until you are clear of the blade trap above and then pull up. As soon as you are standing a block will start moving toward you and try to push you back down onto the blades below. Quickly turn using the quick-reverse command and jump to the ledge across from you. Grab and pull up to the safety of this ledge.

Move forward and turn left and jump over the blades in the floor. Walk out onto the wooden platform and turn to the left. Walk to the edge and do a standing jump to the next wooden platform. The walkway T's to the right ending at a dead end. Continue forward and walk off the edge to the platform slight below this one. At the end of this short walkway you can jump up to the higher ledge and continue around until you reach the hole in the left wall. Jump into the hole and continue. Enter the open door and continue to the hall. It turns to the right and you will notice several suspicious raised stones and even more suspicious holes in the wall. Yes, this is a dart trap and the stones will trigger the darts.

You may either walk between these stone triggers at 45-degree angles or jump over them. Once you are past this trapped hall you can enter the open passage to the left. This room has a pair of blue floor stones which open the next two gates to the right. These gates only stay open for a short time and you will have to open them in the proper order. Enter the room and step on the stone to open the first gate then quickly run to the back wall and run over that stone as you arc around and run through the gates. If you don't make it there is a stone in between the gates to let you back into this room to try again. Once you are through both gates you need to get against the left wall and jump across and pull up to the narrow stone ledge.

Be careful as there are two large sections which will crumble and fall away if you touch them. The first section is immediately to your right and the final section is at the very end. Run across the first section and it will fall out under you. You will make it to the next stable piece as long as you don't stop. Stand under the wooden beam and jump and pull up. Walk out to the wooden ledge and use it to get a running start so you can jump to the window. Follow the ledge around to the right and turn left into the guardhouse. You will surprise the archer who will stumble and fall to his death far below. Take his bow (you will not be able to arm it until you find some arrows) and get ready to do a swan dive into the pool below. While you are up here you may want to get the healing potion to your right (facing the pool).

It is on the narrow circular ledge. Walk out to the end of the right platform and do a standing jump to get the potion. This is a tricky jump so only go for it if you need the healing. Run off the ledge and fall into the pool - do NOT jump or you will hit the floor on the far side of the pool. There isn't anything in the water so climb out and head to where the guard fell to his death. You should find some arrows which you can add to your arsenal. Now go to the raised drawbridge and ready your bow. Align the targeting sight with the small square trigger on the winch and fire. The bridge will lower and you can cross. Have your sword ready as soon as you get to the other side. A guard will ambush you from the right.

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