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When the guard is dead you can turn and go through the next trapped hallway. Make sure to crouch to avoid the slicing blades that come out of the walls. Head around the corner to the guard towers and the large gate. A cinematic will show a guard escorting a prisoner into the palace. It also shows what must be done for you to open the gate later. For now, walk across the large area and into the passage on the far side. Follow the hall to the small room and look at the ceiling. There are several sets of spikes in the ceiling and there are columns directly under each of these that will rise up and crush you if you step on them. Sidestep the areas under these spikes and make your way to the opposite door.

Follow the passage until you reach the hall being guarded by the soldier with a staff weapon. You need to defeat this guard then move on down the passage. A cinematic shows the fallen guard pressing an alarm just as he dies which causes several pieces of floor to fall away in the next passage. This next hall isn't that hard, even with most of the floor missing. Below are several stone ledges which are much safer to use when crossing this next area. First line up and do a diagonal jump into the first door on the left. Inside are more arrows you can add to your collection. Exit the door and fall straight down onto the stone ledge. Turn and jump across the gap to the next ledge. Climb up and into the second left door and get the healing potion in this room.

Now drop back down to the stone ledge and cross over to the opposite door and pull up to continue. Pull the desk out away from the wall and crouch to crawl through the hole. In the next room the only way out is through the hole in the corner of the ceiling. It is too high to reach from the floor, so slide the nearby box under the hole and climb onto the box then jump and pull up to the area above. Go through the door onto the platform then climb to the ledge above. Line up with the angled portion of the ledge and jump over to the wooden beam then make a running jump to the opposite ledge. Pull up and continue. Kill the guard in this next room and take the healing potion he leaves behind.

Continue through the next door and you will be in one of the guard towers. Stand on the pressure plate to complete half of the sequence to open the gate. Ready your bow and aim through the bars toward the opposite tower. Target the other guard and wait for clear shot and fire. The guard will fall onto the trigger in his tower when he dies and complete the sequence. The gate will open and you can go out onto the ledge and start dropping down from ledge to ledge until you can turn left and jump to the bridge. You could also jump to the floor and take the ramp back up to the bridge if you want. Run through the gate and into the next area where you can step on the blue floor trigger to lower the drawbridge and exit this level.


As you begin this new level you will go past a well. Climb on the edge of the well and jump to the rope and slide down to the sewer below (nice to know they drink from the sewer). Ahead of you is a gate so turn around and walk down the underground passage through the waist-high water. A short dead end passage leads to the right. Follow it to the end and get the stash of arrows then return to the main sewer pipe. You could go right to the large room with deeper water but nothing is in there. Return to the rope and prepare to climb out. After you deal with the surprise attack by the sewer monster you can climb out and jump back to dry land.

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