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Getting off the rope can be tricky - just let go of all action keys and press DOWN twice to jump back off the rope. If you fall you will die. Now move ahead to the stack of boxes and get the arrows lying here. An archer will shoot at you from the watchtower ahead. Hide behind the boxes and ready your bow. You will have to step back or to the side to get a clean shot at the sniper. When he is dead you can continue. Go to the right of the boxes and look out over the water. There is a ledge below with a box but your target is the rope. Do a running leap to the rope and grab on. You can move with the swing of the rope to increase your arc then let go at the end of the swing towards the stairs.

You should land on the steps and can start climbing up and to the right. You will have to jump, grab, and pull up across a pair of gaps in the steps to reach the top ledge. Head out to where you killed the archer and get more arrows and a healing potion. Continue across to the other side and get in the small elevator to the right and ride it down to the ledge leading out toward the boat. Jump to the deck of the boat then head to the rear and use the oar to get the boat moving. Get ready to fight when the assassin drops onto the deck. He is a hard opponent so make sure to block his attacks and counter with your own. When the fight is over the boat will take you through some large wooden gates into the harbor area at the Palace docks.

Facing the rear of the boat, jump into the water on the right and locate the submerged box floating in the water. Climb onto this box then jump to the next floating box and climb on. Jump/climb onto the wall and head right to get a healing potion then check out your surroundings. A moveable box is nearby but it has no use to you. Return back to the wall near the floating boxes and look out to spot a thick pole sticking out of the water. Jump out and grab and pull up onto this pole then turn and jump and grab onto the chain. Climb up and spin around so your back is to the ledge then drop off onto the upper ledge. Head to the other side of this catwalk and flip the switch to start the box moving back and forth across the harbor area.

Look up to spot a hanging platform. Go to the other side of the catwalk and drag/push the box under this platform then climb onto the box and jump onto the platform. From this ledge you can jump out to another hanging platform closer to the moving box. Turn and face the area where the box is passing beneath you and run off the platform just as the box is going past. Do NOT jump or you will miss the box. Ride on the box to the right and when it reaches the end jump down to the dock before the box goes back out over the water. Several boxes are along this next section of the dock and you can choose to go to either the left or right of them. Each presents its own challenge. To the right are pressure plates in the floor which trigger darts traps. You can jump over them and avoid the darts or you can take the left side which is slightly easier.

There are two sections of this path that will drop out from under you. Just start running and jump over the sections as you near them. You should also be holding your grab button just in case you miss and fall - you will cling to the opposite edge and can still pull up and continue. Head up the ramp and then up some stairs to right the big guy guarding the doors to the palace. Don't waste arrows on this guy. Rush him and attack with your sword. This guy is really tough so make sure to block his attacks and counter with your own. When he is dead you can step on the pressure switch and open the door to enter the palace.

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Prince of Persia 3D

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