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As you approach the series of vertical ramps you must first deal with the guard. When he is dead you can get the yellow potion and follow the hall back to the T-intersection. Turn left and flip the wall switch to lower the ramp then turn around and head to the other end of this hall. You can check out the small chamber to the left and view the moat and palace ahead. Enter the darker passage and flip this switch which raises the gate at the end of the greenish hall. This gate is on a timer so you must quickly get through the next hall but you will also have to crawl since there are deadly blade traps in the wall.

Once through, turn right and return to the area where you killed the first guard and go up the ramp. Deal with the large guard waiting for you at the top of this ramp then flip the switch on the left to raise the ramp. Return to the ramp and walk up the incline to another T-intersection. Both directions are dead ends so jump into the window in the back wall and move forward. Push the box forward to raise a section of wall allowing you access to the next area. Move quickly to avoid the deadly arrows of a pair of archers. One is across this large room to the right of the fountain. You must run toward him and engage him in hand-to-hand combat. He will pull out a staff weapon when you get close. Kill him quickly then seek cover from the other sniper who is already shooting at you from the upper ledge back where you entered this room.

A healing potion is over by the fountain. Grab it on your way back to the wall where you entered. You are safe from the sniper above in this area so move the nearby box over so it is lined up with the hole in the wall then shove it into the hole to lower the wall allowing you access to the other side. There is a ramp above you and two raised sections to either side. The right side is blocked with a plant so climb onto the left side and move to the end and climb onto the short box. Pull up to the next ledge and turn and jump onto the ramp. When the guard on the other side of the bridge sees you he will close the gates and raise the bridge. Climb to the top of the ramp and look at the windows to the left (as you go up the ramp).

A guard is walking back and forth. Run and jump to the windowsill and hang on. Shimmy to the left until you are under the far left window then pull up when the guard is walking away to the right. Ready your sword and kill the guard when he comes back and get the healing potion he leaves behind. You can climb into the window behind you and get a better view of what lies ahead. Your destination for now lies in the other direction through the door and across a collapsing bridge. Run and jump across the bridge to the opposite side and move into the next area. A gold alcove on the left had a stash of arrows on the floor. Take them then move into the window and out onto the ledge. You are now on the ledge above the fountain room and opposite the ledge with the sniper from earlier.

He is to your right and several large tapestries are blocking most of his shots. You can still take damage so you must act quickly. Turn right and move to the end of your ledge and jump up to the wooden beam with the hanging tapestry. Start swinging back and forth and launch yourself toward the rope. Grab the rope and swing again until your arc is high enough to carry you to the next ledge. Cling to the edge of this ledge and shimmy to the left until you are behind the column and out of sight of the archer. Climb onto the ledge and run around the column and whip out your sword. You should be able to surprise the archer and get behind him for a devastating back-attack and kill him in two slices.

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