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Go to the far end of this ledge and get some arrows before entering the window back by the fallen archer. Head down the short call to another window that overlooks the moat and the palace. Jump out to the rope and climb up until you are above the wooden beam. Jump off the rope and onto the beam and follow it to the roof. Climb up and walk around to the front and your view will change to look down on the guard on the other side of the raised drawbridge. With the bridge in the 'up' position the end is near - near enough to jump to. Jump the small gap over the moat and slide down the bridge and pull out your sword. Do not pull out your sword while sliding or you will automatically sheath it when you hit bottom. Kill the guard and investigate the dark passage to the right.

It is a short dead end with a healing potion hidden inside. Enter the huge circular room and watch the cinematic of the machine rising through the iris in the ceiling. There are three bookcases in this room. Assuming you entered this room at the 6 o'clock position the bookcases at 9 and 12 o'clock are both fatal traps. You only need to activate the bookcase on the right (at 3 o'clock) to access the next passage. Take the short hall to the lift and tide it to the top. Exit down another short hall into a large circular room above the iris you saw earlier. There is a closed door on the opposite side and a passage higher up and to the right. Some boxes on the left side of the opposite passage allow you to step up to a higher ledge then jump over to a wooden platform.

Back up and get a running start and jump to the stone ledge at the base of the high passage. Pull up and follow this passage to a pressure plate that opens the door leading to a stone spiral staircase. Climb the stairs and kill the guard who charges down the hall. Grab the arrows lying on the floor at the top of the stairs then head down the passage where the guard came from. Another pressure plate opens the door leading out to a ledge high above the iris below. A sniper is across this chamber on a higher ledge. Aim up and kill him with your bow. I recommend a magic arrow for a quick kill. Then flip the nearby switch and quickly get onto the wooden platform.

Ride it around and jump off into the narrow alcove before it reverses and takes you back to the starting ledge. Climb up to the next higher ledge where a box blocks your path. Back off and cling to the side of this ledge and shimmy left past the box and pull up on the other side to get the healing potion. Now push the box forward until you can jump up and grab the top ledge and pull up to the next higher area. Look out and to the right and spot the rope and jump out to it. Swing across to the next suspended platform and then jump to the hanging chain. Climb up and jump off to the ledge where the fallen sniper lies. A door flanked by two large spears is behind the body of the guard. The door won't open and you can't get the spears, so head back to the left of the door and find the area where you can jump up to the next higher ledge.

Continue left and climb up again into a passage concealed behind some grates and find the super-jump potion. Head back the way you came until you reach the edge of the ledge and jump to the next higher block. With your increased jumping ability you can easily jump over the door below and onto the opposite ledge. Climb up and continue forward until the ledge ends. Turn and face the interior of the room. There are three suspended platforms you will be jumping to. The first is above the ledge with the switch. Jump to this ledge then turn and face the next ledge leading around in a clockwise pattern. Jump to this ledge which should be directly beneath the wooden beam attached to the machine above.

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