Palace Interior: Komplettlösung Prince of Persia 3D

At this time you can jump straight up and continue or you can choose to make another daring leap to the next highest ledge across the room with the healing potion on it. If you make this jump then drink the potion and return to the ledge and jump straight up to grab the beam and pull up. Another healing potion is inside a dark alcove in the bookcases. Jump up to get that one if you need it then head to the main deck of this machine and pull the lever. The machine will rise up through the next iris and you will find yourself in a new chamber. A very large guard with an equally large tattoo patrols the floor below. Jump down off the machine and fight the guard. Use all your best moves, blocks, and counter attacks to defeat him. When he is dead you can exit through the corridor and the door at the end.

Palace Interior

Those of you who played the Prince of Persia 3D Demo will recognize this level. You find yourself on a narrow bridge under immediate attack from a very nasty guard. Kill him quickly and continue across the bridge into the next building. Pass through the first small room and into the octagonal beyond. A ledge is directly ahead of you and passages lead out on either side of the ledge. The left passage leads to a corridor that takes you to the top of a long flight of stairs leading down to a pool of water, a guard, and a locked gate. You could go there now and kill the guard but you will have to return back to this central room and go to the right to solve the puzzles necessary in opening that locked gate.

The right passage leads to a room with twin columns in the center. The columns are trapped with swinging blades. The exit opposite from where you entered is also trapped with a large chopping blade which will slam down as you pass through. This room is part of a larger puzzle which begins back out in the central room. Now that you know what is down both of the passages, head toward the ledge in front of you and climb up. Turn right and go into the next room and you will find a pressure plate in the floor to the left. Directly ahead is a small drop-off to a dark passage that leads to a gate and also wraps around leading to stairs down to the trap-room from the previous paragraph.

The following puzzle must be completed quickly as the gates that will open are on a timer. Stand with your back to the pressure plate and back up onto it. When it activates you will hear a gate opening to the left. Run forward and drop off the ledge - you will be in the room with the twin columns and slicing blade traps. Directly behind you is another pressure plate. Don't waste time turning around - just back up onto it and then run forward between the two columns. Stay in the exact middle of the columns and the blades won't even come out. Turn left and slowly approach the door. When you get close the giant blade will slam down. Wait for it to slowly go back up and run through the door before the trap resets.

Head up the stairs and turn left to find the dark passage and the opening in the wall. The gates you just raised were in this doorway and the one on the other side of the deep pit and they will close in just a moment. Quickly line-up with the rope and jump to it and swing to the other side and land on the ledge. Climb the rope that is here up to the ledge above and jump back to this ledge and enter the room, being cautious of the spiked floor traps that spring up in various locations. To the right is a passage with a guard. Kill him and continue around as the hall angles right leading to another rope. Swing across to the other side and enter the next passage. To the left in a small alcove is a healing potion.

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