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I recently finished the game, and I am still seeing a lot of pleas for help and requests for a walkthru around so I decided that I might as well write this one. I should say that it is much more satisfying to solve the game yourself - I got stuck a bunch of times, but I (eventually) managed to get along without any help. I encourage everyone to try to get past all the puzzles themselves. There isn't much you can do in this game in any given situation; no items you might have not have picked up or anything, so the list of possible solutions is fairly sparse. Just don't keep trying exactly the same thing over and over, because it won't work the next time either. Well, I've rambled on for enough - here goes.

General hints

Running jumps need to be started about 2 units (walking lengths, panel widths) from an edge to get full distance. They go 1 unit further than standing jumps. Fighting swordsmen - get about 1 unit from them, wait for them to strike, block it and strike back immediately. The only difference in more skilled<< opponents is how often they will do this to you, or block it. You can block their ripostes, but it's tricky. Fighting heads - just hit them once, and they will then pause exactly where you want them, repeat until dead. It's the first hit that can be tricky. Fighting snakes - you must memorize how far away from you they will strike and then hit them right when they reach that point. Pure timing. Saving<< time - whenever you get to a restart point (the places you go back to if you die), save the game. Then if you die, restore it so you don't lose any time from dying. (You'll never make it otherwise)





D=down (usually hang and drop wherever possible)

#=footnote here

Level 1 - Escape From The Palace - 0 potion

Draw your sword immediately, block and strike. Go left, using a running jump to get from the high roof to the low roof. Go until you run out of roofs and then drop down to the street. Run left immediately and keep going, doing a running jump off the end of the dock and grab onto the boat (shift key).

Level 2 - The Desert Island - 0 potions

Go left, wait at the edge of the quicksand for stepping stones to rise, step on every one on the way over except for the marked stone. Exit.

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PoP Warrior Within
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