Level 7 - More Ruins - 1 potion: Komplettlösung PoP Warrior Within

Level 7 - More Ruins - 1 potion

Entering from right door: LL (through hole) DLRURLLL

Entering from left door: DDRUDR


Level 8 - Your Father's Sword - 1 potion

LDD (being sure to drop the panel here) go right under the blade to just open the door, and then back out. Keep going until you stand up, then turn around, walk forward one, jump forward and go through the door. (You may have to crouch-hop through it if it is closing (down and forward)). After that, LD, Jump right from the edge of the top panel, and drop the floor on the door-open switch. Crawl right to get the potion, avoiding the door-closing switch next to it. Then go LL (you can get across a gap of one like that by running off the edge and holding shift) ULLLU, get the sword. Fall asleep. Get the sword again. LLL.

Level 9 - Ride Off Into the Sunset - 0 potions

LLL (along the bottom) LLLRRRRL (along the top now) LLLLL, doing a running jump off the last panel.

Level 10 - Temple of the Flame - 1 potion

RRRDRLLL(LLLDRLLRRRRR)RRRRRULLL. The part in parens is to get the potion, it can all be replaced by one D if you want to skip it.

Level 11 - Climbing the Walls - 1 potion

LULUR1DUR2U3LLUUR4LDLURULU5RURRD6UDL7LLDR. I had problems timing that first long jump, I had to walk right up to the edge of the loose panel, and then walk one step backwards to give me the right running length. Hold shift down after you jump. To get the potion on the next screen, edge over to the open door, jump up to know the panel down, walk over slowly until you stop 2 panels away from the edge, jump right, get the potion, climb up, jump left and climb up through the door. Then after you go up, go right under the blade, and then crawl back under it the other way. Then as soon as you stand up, run-jump twice. If you do this right, you should get through the door in the next room in plenty of time. After you trip the door, you have to hurry to get under it in time. Jumping again after you jump to the door will get you under it faster. Don't knock down the second panel here, or you won't be able to open the door again on the way back. When you do come back through, remember to jump over the close-switch right in front of the door. Go down the first hole, and jump 3 times to knock down the loose floorboard before hang-dropping down the second hole. When you do, run right as fast as possible. The door will open.

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