Level 12 - Going in Circles - 1 potion: Komplettlösung PoP Warrior Within

Level 12 - Going in Circles - 1 potion

LUR1LDL2(ULDR)URR3(UD)RDRLDRL4LL5LURRRR. Just knock down this panel and go back. Ok, you have to open all four doors here on the screen above you. First standing jump over to the bird man and let him knock you off. Then go up and jump three times on the first platform to knock down the panels on the left. Then go up one and knock down the panel on the right. The last 2 doors should be open now. From the edge of the middle platform, jump left under the spikes. Go left and then knock the birdman off the ledge onto the panel on the floor down below. Then go up 2 levels and knock the final panel onto the last switch.

Whew! Go through the doors, jump over to the potion, jumping over the loose board so you can get a running jump off to the right. Note that you only need to do this if you want the potion, otherwise just skip the letters in parens. You probably won't make it through the door on the right here, so just go up, run left through the trap while pressing shift to grab the edge down below, go over and trip the switch again, and run jump right again, grabbing the ledge and then go through the door.

You need to get right next to it on the other side, and then run jump to the right. Just parry the sword until it lies down, and then go to the next screen and run jump right. Now you need to run jump left, but jump before that loose panel or you will head right into those spikes. If you made a perfect jump off the top to this level, walk forward one and crouch twice (=1/2 step) for correct spacing. Remember to jump forward to get through the door earlier. As soon as you enter this room, jump twice. Then wait for the blue potions to appear, and as soon as they do, jump again. Just crawl right into the birdman. He'll hit you once, and then you'll stand up safe.

Level 13 - He Who Would Steal The Flame Must Die!

LLLL1LLLLLLL2RRR - You must turn around and kill the birdman who enters from the right just off the screen to the right so that he falls on the door switch and holds it down. You can adjust where he dies by advancing on him once he's down to his last bottle, and he'll back up. Don't get too close or you'll switch places. Let the birdman here kill you. (Get it? He who would steal the flame must die.)

Level 14 - The Mind's Eye - infinate potions

Drop down on the right into the Vizier's room. You will need to have 9 potions here, so if you don't have enough, drop down to the left and fight the warriors until you have enough strength (they will often turn into potions when they die). Then go back up to where you started. Go right, and run jump off the right hand side. Now shuffle off your mortal coils (turn into the shadow - it's in the User's Guide). Go around and kill your images, and then go up and right. Now you have to chase Jaffar around clockwise until you have a chance to shoot the flame at him. This isn't too hard, as his path is less than optimal. Don't miss, because you only have one chance. Well, that's it. Congratulations on finishing Prince of Persia 2.

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