Komplettlösung Planetfall

Part One

The third in Infocom's wonderful series of Science Fiction Adventures is Planetfall. You will be delighted by the humor of the game. It is always charming you somehow. The game features several logical puzzles that can be solved with no greater magic than common sense. The point of the game: You begin on the spaceship Feinstein. You are lowly cleaning help scrubbing the deck, when all of the sudden the ship explodes and by an accident of fate you happen to be standing near the escape pod right at the moment. You jettison from the Feinstein and land on a nearby planet with a strange mystery. It seems to have been recently abandoned for no reason.

Survival is point one. You'll need food and rest. Repair many of the broken machines that you find. And then figure out why everyone is missing. Let's get started. Deck Nine - All you have to do is keep waiting until the explosion - stay here - you'll be entertained (randomly) by the Ambassador from Blow' K-bibben-Gordo. After the ship explodes immediately go Port. Get in the Webbing. Wait until the Pod lands and the Emergency Kit appears. Get out of Webbing. Take kit. Open Door. Go up. Keep going up until you get to Courtyard. Drop the brush and your ID. (You won't be needing the brush or the ID - they are excess baggage.) Go north to the Plain Hall, then go NE. Go east until you get to the corridor Junction.

Then continue south until you get to the Machine Shop. Go west to the Tool Room, take Laser (but drop the old battery) take the pliers and the flask and the Metal Bar. Then go back to the Machine Shop and put the flask under the spout. Then go north to the Corridor Junction. Then go east till you get to Booth 2. In Booth 2 drop the Laser and the pliers. Then go west to the elevator lobby and push both buttons. Then go west till you get to the Corridor Junction. (If you're hungry, open the kit and enjoy a treat of goo.) From the Corridor Junction, go south then go east. Take the box. Then go back to the Booth 2. Drop the box. Then go back to the Corridor Junction. Now go north to the Administration Corridor, go north and south between the South Administration Corridor and the Adminstration Corridor until you see the glint of light (random).

Then search the crevice in the Administration Corridor South. Hold the bar near the key (it's a magnet) and bingo . . . you got it. (If you don't get the key the game can't even begin.) Now drop the bar once you have the key. (If the bar comes in contact with any of the cards you'll find that they get scrambled - something you will regret.) Now go to the Mess Corridor. Unlock the padlock with the key. Drop the padlock and the key and open the door. Drop everything except your uniform. Take the ladder and go back to the Administration Corridor. Drop the ladder. Open the ladder. Put ladder over the rift.

Then go north over the ladder. Then go west into the offices. Open the drawers in the desks and take the kitchen card, the shuttle card, and the upper elevator card. By this time you should be getting tired. It's important that you find a place to sleep that is safe. Go back to the Dorm Area and get in bed. When you wake up you'll be bright and chipper for tomorrow.

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