Part Two: Komplettlösung Planetfall

Part Two

Get out of bed and take your things. Go to the Mess Corridor. Go south into the Mess Hall. Take the canteen and open it up. Slide the kitchen card through the slot and go south. Put the canteen under the spout and push the button. Take the canteen. You've now found an unlimited source of food. Just make sure that you keep your canteen filled and you'll be O.K. Go back inside the Mess Hall and drop the Kitchen access card. Now go back to the Machine Room. From the Machine Room, go east to the Robot Room. Search the robot. Then turn it on. Go to the elevator lobby. Go south inside the lower elevator and drop the lower card and the shuttle card. Then go to the upper elevator. By this time your valuable friend Floyd should be bugging you for attention and loving.

Eat when you are hungry. It's better to eat from your canteen than the kit. You might want to save the goo in the kit for emergencies. Just go back to the kitchen and refill your canteen when you need to. But don't forget to drop the kitchen card in the Mess Hall. Go to the Upper Elevator. Slide the upper card through the slot. Push the up button. Wait. When the elevator door opens go south then go northeast to the Comm Room. Pay attention to the color of the flashing light. This will be the same color koulant that you'll have to get in the Machine Room. Go back to the elevator, activate the elevator and go downstairs to the Machine Room. Fill the flask. Push the same color button as the flashing light in the Comm Room, then take the flask.

Go back to the Comm Room and empty the flask in the hole. Pay attention to the new color light. Take the flask back downstairs to the Machine Room and push the new colored light koulant code. Take the filled flask back upstairs and empty the flask in the hole again. Do this one more time (there are three lights in all). This will fix the Comm Room. You can drop the flask since you won't be needing it any more. Now go back downstairs to the elevator lobby. Don't forget to drop the upper card in the upper elevator. Eat if you have to, but try to only eat from the canteen. If the canteen needs to be filled, do it now. Go to the lower elevator. Slide the lower card through the slot. Then push the down button. Wait.

Drop the lower card and take the shuttle access card. When the elevator stops get out by going north. Then go east. Go south and then go east. Slide the shuttle card through the slot. Push the lever up. Do it again. Wait until the display says 60. Then push the lever down. Again. Wait until the shuttle slides into the station. Go west and drop the shuttle card. Go north, then go east. Go east again. At the fork go southeast to the Project Corridor West. Go east to the Project Corridor. Then go south to the Projcon Office. Go east to the Computer Room. Take the output and read the output. (By the way make sure that Floyd joins you in the Computer Room.) With Floyd go south. Then go north until the Project Corridor east.

Then go east to the Main Lab. From the Lab go south. Search the lab uniform pocket and take the card and the paper and the battery. The paper has the clue for opening up the combination lock in the Rec Corridor (a puzzle that you'll never need). Go back to the Project Corridor East. Then go north to the Library Lobby. Play with the machine if you want. It's very good for clues about the whys of the story, and a lot of fun to translate. But time is of the essence. Go east to Booth 3. Slide the card through the slot and push the beige button. Zap! You find yourself back in Booth 2. Take a look around; everything you put inside the Booth is waiting for you. Slide the card through the slot again and this time push the tan button.

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