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This walkthrough will take you all the way from the beginning of the game to the end. Each section of this walkthrough denotes a new puzzle area where, if you get killed, you begin back at the beginning of that area. I've included the passcode for each area. These are not the only passcodes since you don't have to play the puzzles in the exact same order as I played them. These passcodes simply match the levels in the order that I played them. Playing differently may produce a few different passcodes. Incidentally, this game has got to be one of the most INCREDIBLE games I've ever played. Make sure you're playing with a sound card because it's just not the same without it.

The Beginning (LDKD)

Watch the introductory movie. After you get zapped, you'll reappear underwater. Go up immediately or else the tentacles will get you. Once on the surface, go right. Don't worry about the great hulking beast in the background for the moment. In the next area, slugs with stingers fall from the ceiling then crawl across the ground to kill you. Crouch (down) and kick (button or space) them. Make sure you kill ALL of them. Don't let any of them get close to you or they'll sting you and you'll die. If any get by you, leave left and return. Once you've killed all of them, go right again and kill the slugs in that area.

Then go right once more. In this area, walk toward the right side. Before you reach the right side, the beast will leap into your path and growl. Run left and don't stop for anything. The beast will follow you. When the beast gets close on your heels, leap left and keep running. After you pass the area with the water, the next area will have a ledge with a vine hanging past it. Keep running then leap from the ledge to the vine. You'll grab the vine and hang there until the vine snaps, swinging you back to the water area. Run right and don't stop. Soon you'll reach the area where you first ran into the beast. Keep running right. As you run off the right side, an alien will stop you, then shoot the beast. You'll stand, wave, and grin. Then the alien will shoot you.

The Prison (HTDC)

You wake up in a cage with another alien who becomes your friend. After you come to consciousness, you'll see the cage hanging from the ceiling. Start swinging side to side. Soon, the guard below will notice what you're doing and fire a few warning shots. Keep swinging until the cage falls on the guard. After you land on the guard, your friend says something alien and runs right. Step right a little then crouch to pick up the gun that the guard dropped, then run right. Keep running through the next area. In the area after that, your friend sees a guard and starts running left again. Shoot (button or space) the guard immediately then wait a few seconds for your friend to catch up, then run right. In the next area, let your friend stay near you. He'll have to get the doors open and you'll have to fight off a few guards to buy him some time. Now's a good time to explain.

How the Gun works

The gun has three functions. You can fire quickly, shooting a red beam that will kill aliens. If you hold the trigger for a few seconds until a blue-white blob appears barrel of the gun, when you release the trigger, a shield appears in front of you. This shield will stop any red beams from passing through but you can still walk through it. If you hold the trigger even longer until you hear a loud thrum then release the trigger, you'll fire a super-blast that will demolish a shield, a door, a wall, pretty much anything. While holding off the guards, don't use the super-blast because your gun's energy is already low and you'll need the super-blast later.

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Out Of This World

Out Of This World

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