In the Caverns (XDDJ): Komplettlösung Out Of This World

In the Caverns (XDDJ)

Now you're in the caverns below the next building. Go to the right and drop down the first hole. You fall and land on an oddly colored piece of rock wedged in a hole. Go the right and drop down through that next hole. You land on a large, T-shaped rock formation. Drop off the right side of the formation and run out to the right. You come to an ledge overlooking some stalagmites (pointing up from the floor). Get a running start and leap over them. Then go right. In the next room, rocks fall from above. Find a pattern to the falling rocks and get past them to the next room the the right. More falling rocks.

Get past them and watch out for the tentacles above you. Run past the tentacles because they can't get you if you keep running. In the next room, run past the tentacles and leap over the jaws on the ground. More jaws ahead. You can do a standing jump over these. Go right. More tentacles and floor jaws. Use super-blasts to destroy all the tentacles. A red beam will make them retract for a few moments but you can just hold the super-blast until they come back down. After you finish off the tentacles, you'll have to get past the floor jaws. The middle and rightmost floor jaws are so close together that you can only get past them with a running jump. This means you'll have to use a running jump past the leftmost floor jaw so that you can keep jumping past the other two.

Tricky to time but it can be done. Get past the floor jaws and go right. Use a standing jump to over the hole in the floor, then another standing jump over the floor jaws. Then go right. Here the caverns meet up with an empty well. Later in the game, you'll be at the top of the well and need to get across. Use a super-blast to open the well into the caverns for now.

More Caverns (FXLC)

Go left back past the floor jaws and tentacles until you reach the first falling rocks area you came to. Now you're on a higher path while the rocks fall harmlessly on the lower path. When you see the red dragonlet hanging from the ceiling, fire a red beam at him. He'll get spooked and fly off to the left. Follow him but be careful not to fall off the ledge. Watch as the dragonlet gets eaten by the tentacles. This keeps the tentacles occupied as you leap from the ledge to the stalactite (hanging down). Climb up the stalactite as high as you can and leap to the next stalactite to the left. Keep doing this until you leap off the left side of screen.

This lands you on top of that T-shaped rock formation. Now step of the left side of the formation and super-blast the support from under the formation. It falls over on it's side, becoming a handy exit ramp back up to the caverns above you. Go up the ramp and head to the right. Keep going to the right, being careful to jump over those holes in the floor, until you are under a reservoir. From the leftmost edge of the screen, use a super-blast to destroy the bit of rock below the reservoir and start running left. You've unleashed a torrent of water. Keep running to the left, leaping over all the holes.

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Out Of This World

Out Of This World

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