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At the start of the game you will be in Slayton's office. First thing to do is go to the desk. The intercom will begin buzzing at random intervals. Turn to the intercom, which is behind the desk, and switch it on. You will hear the secretary give you instructions before she leaves the office. Jack Slayton is missing and the answer to his disappearance may lie in the cases he was working on. (Note: Once Secretary Premise is set to TRUE you can leave the office through the office door or go to another location via the map.) Open the right top desk drawer and get the rolodex key. Now use the key and open the rolodex.

Flip the cards until the help telephone number comes up. Go to the phone and pick up the receiver, you will hear the first message from the Informant. After hearing the first Informant massage open the center desk drawer and remove the coin purse. Now you will be able to call the Informant from any pay phone. Open the middle right drawer and remove the flash light. Open the desk, return all the way (two pulls are required) to get the combination to the wall safe (hidden behind the picture), open the safe and get the gun. (Note: Now you are ready to investigate the cases in any order you like)

Winthrop Case

Slayton's Office

Read Winthrop file (right lower drawer of desk) and you learn that he hired Slayton to investigate the death of his prize race horse Pegasus. Leave the office and go to the Race Track.


Race Track

At the Race Track go to the stable doors. Look away from the stable doors and down to find the muddy footprints. Now go find Pegasus stall door and discover that it is locked. A video of Eddie the Jockey tells you that Pegasus was too healthy to die of natural causes and he gives you permission to look in his stall. Unlock Pegasus stall and enter. Turn on the light and look at the close-up of Pegasus feed schedule.

Now look at the bulletin board and see the close up of Mannies business card, also look at the close-up of the newspaper article about Winthrop Mansion. Find the saddle and look down to find the syringe hidden in the hay. Hmmm? Go to Winthrop Mansion.


Winthrop Mansion

Look up immediately after entering through the gate and wait for the upstairs light to turn off. Enter the mansion through the window. Open the kitchen door to see a video of the staff discussing how Winthrop can't think straight since Pegasus death and he is having financial problems as a result. Now find Winthrop's desk and discover several thank you letters from various charities.

Look in the left desk drawer to find an insurance policy on Pegasus. Find the prescription for Pegasus medicine on the desk. In the right desk drawer you will find Winthrop's contract with Pollock which states that if Winthrop defaults everything goes to Pollock. Go to the construction shack and knock on the door - see a video of a guard telling you to Scram ! Go back to Slayton's office, open the closet and get the bourbon bottle. Go to Manorwood.



Enter the construction shack and find the guard sleeping. Look at the second pair of boots from the left. Locate Pollock's desk and read the survey letter saying that there are vast oil deposits here, but money is needed to develop them.

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