Watkins Case: Komplettlösung Noir

Watkins Case

Slayton's Office

Read Watkins file in the right lower drawer of the desk to learn that Watkins hired Slayton to test his company's security by breaking into his office. Get the Security badge and Watkins' wire recording from the wall safe. Listen to the recording of Watkins requesting Slayton to investigate a security breach in his office. Go to Bradbury.



Find Watkins office and enter it, this requires the right code on the door for the current day and the pattern listed on the security badge.


Sun (Day=1) - - - *

Mon (Day=2) * - - - *

Tue (Day=3) - * * -

Wed (Day=4) * - * *

Thur (Day=5) - - - * *

Fri (Day=6) - * - - *

Sat (Day=7) * - * - *


Turn on the light in Watkins' office. Look up and see the broken skylight. Go up to the roof and look down through the lit skylight to see a dog's footprints on a bookcase in Watkins' office. (Note: You can not proceed further until after you get a confession from watkins for the max case and nile's photo in the agnes case) After you take care of the other two cases (at least as much as you can) and return here the Informant calls you in Watkins' office to tell you to hide because the Nazis are coming. Turn off the office light and hide in the closet. You will then see Wo-Tan (the dog from the Agnes Case) retrieve one of the code books. Go to Mannie's bookstore. (It is around the corner from Slayton's office)


Mannie's Bookstore

See video of Mannie showing you his two books. Examine the two books to see the combination of the other two dials for Watkins' safe. Watch the video of Mannie offering you cash for your book. Pick up the cash and Mannie lets you explore the book store. Go into the back room and throw the switch. Open the book case and the metal door behind it to discover the map room. Examine the map room and find a printing press for the phony charity organizations. Also look at the blue prints for Watkins' office. Discover Wo-Tan's crate in the map room closet. (Note: If you turn on the radio or attempt to release Wo-Tan while in the bookstore map room the Nazis will hypnotize you.

You will go to the newspaper headline saying Detective found In Gutter. Depending on the difficulty level setting you will loose your memory of this case.) Go to Bradbury.



After discovering the secret combination from the three code books you saw in the bookstore unlock the vault and enter. Open the drawer in the vault desk and discover Joan's picture. Walk to the radio in the back of the vault. The Informant calls you in the vault to say that the Nazis are coming. Pick up the paper clip from the work bench. Now you need to stop the Nazis from entering the vault, insert the paper clip into the gears.

(Note: If you fail to insert the paper clip into the gear in Watkins' vault in time the Nazis will enter the vault. You will then see the headline saying Nazis Gain Foothold in U.S. and you will loose the game!)


Slayton's Office

See the newspaper headline about the Nazis being defeated. You then get a call from the Mayor congratulating you.

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  • Release: 02.07.1999

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