Harrison Case: Komplettlösung Noir

Harrison Case

Slayton's Office

Read the Harrison file from the right lower desk drawer. You learn that Harrison's daughter, Alicia, has been missing for a year. Slayton was going to ask Myer at Scheherezade what he knows. Take Alicia's photo from Harrison's file. Get Harrison's wire recording from the safe and listen to it. Also take the Film Reel from the safe. Put the film reel on the projector found in the closet, turn on the motor and light switches. Now remove the painting over the projector port on the other side of the closet to see Alicia's movie.

Notice the brooch that Alicia's father gave to her. Go back to the desk and open the center drawer and look at secret knock on Scheherezade matchbook. Get Slayton's IOU's to Meyer Goolsby from the valuable papers booklet in Slayton's briefcase. Go to Scheherezade.



Use the secret knock to enter the night club. Show Alicia's photo to the Bartender - he won't recognize it. He suggests you talk to Meyer instead. See a poster announcing that Joan's singing engagement at the night club has been canceled until further notice. Go and enter the hotel facility.

Talk to Meyer at the reception desk and learn that you are accountable for Slayton's IOU's. You can't come back until you pay up. Go back to Slayton's office and get Joan's key from the upper left drawer of the desk. Go to Joan's apartment.


Joan's Apartment

Use the elevator key to gain access to Joan's floor. Go look at Joan's diary, it is in a drawer next to her bed. She writes that she took something from Meyer and is heading to San Diego. Inside Joan's closet is a brooch. You'll see a brief clip from the home movie showing that Joan's and Alicia's brooch are identical.

Go back to Slayton's Office and see a newspaper headline announcing that Joan is Alicia. Get the cash from the wall safe. Go to Scheherezade.



Enter hotel side using the secret knock from the matchbook cover. See a video of Myer taking your money and allowing you to look around. Go upstairs. Watch a video of a thug as he walks into the room, sees you and turns around. Go to the bedroom and notice a big mirror overlooking the bed. Open the mirror. Now find the lion room and look behind the curtain to discover a secret door, go through and enter the mirror room.

Turn on a speaker which allows you to listen in on a conversation between the Mayor and a lady who is not his wife. Meyer is angry at your discovery of the mirror room and tosses you out. You can't get into the private area of Scheherezade again, although you can still go to the night club. Go back to Slayton's Office.


Slayton's Office

Hear a radio announcement about the scandals at Scheherezade and that torch singer Joan is really heiress Alicia.

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  • Plattformen: PC
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  • Release: 02.07.1999

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