Max Case: Komplettlösung Noir

Max Case

Slayton's Office

Read Max's file which is in the right lower drawer of the desk. You learn that he has found a rare book that he wanted to get appraised at Mannie's bookstore. Get Max's book from the wall safe. Look at the design inside the front cover. Go to Mannie's bookstore.


Mannie's Bookstore

See a video of Mannie showing you his book. Examine the one book to see the combination of the other two dials for Watkins' safe. You know see a video of Mannie offering you cash for your book. Pick up Max's book instead and Mannie kicks you out. Go to Max's apartment.


Max's Apartment

Enter Max's apartment through the fire escape and find Max on the floor - dead. Check his wallet and you verify that it is Max. Now look at the note in his hand, it is from Phillip Watkins demanding the return of his book. Check the apartment and in the bathroom waste basket you find a train ticket to San Diego. Go back to Slayton's Office and get the baggage locker key from the upper left drawer of the desk. Go to Union Station.


Union Station

Open one of the lockers with the baggage key. Inside is a note from Joan saying that she bought a ticket for the Moonliner. Find the Conductor and bring up Joan. The Conductor recalls Joan getting onto the train after giving a book to Max for safekeeping.

Go back to Slayton's Office to see a newspaper headline about Max being found dead in his office. Return to Union Station and ask the Conductor of Track #5 about the Moonliner. He says that there are no more trains to San Diego tonight. Go to Joan's apartment where you will find burned love letters from Watkins in the bathtub. They reveal he gave her the book that got Max killed. Go to Watkins house where he confesses to having an affair with Joan after you confront him with the love letters.


Agnes Case

Slayton's Office

Read Agnes Simon's file in the right lower drawer of the desk. You learn that she is a former silent film star. Now her dog, Wo-Tan, is a movie star and has been kidnapped. Get Agnes wire recording from the safe and listen to hear the special call she used for Wo-Tan. Go to Agnes Simon's house.


Agnes' House

The butler lets you in only after Agnes insists. When you glance at the picture of Wo-Tan, Agnes appears and gives you a photo of Niles, her valet who supposedly died in a swimming accident. The butler then throws you out. Go to Scheherezade.



Use the secret knock (found in the Harrison Case) to enter the night club. Show the Bartender the photo of Niles, he tells you however that he thinks it is a false lead. (Note: you can not continue with this case until after Wo-Tan steals the book in the watkins' case and myer kicks you out of the mirror room in the Harrison case.) Go back to Slayton's office where Agnes calls and tells you that a ransom note for Wo-Tan has arrived. Go to Agnes' house.


Agnes' House

The butler again reluctantly lets you in. Agnes gives you the ransom note but the butler then throws you out. Go back to Slayton's office.


Slayton's Office

Your informant calls to remind you to take the wire recorder. Open the safe to get Agnes' wire and the wire recorder. Go to the Observatory.



You discover that Wo-Tan is being held in a box up on the roof. The thug that you saw in Scheherezade (Harrison Case) brings you an extension cord so that you can work the wire recorder. Turning on the tape recorder plays the recording of Agnes' voice and Wo-Tan runs out of the box. (Note: If you attempt to open Wo-Tan's crate on the roof the Nazis will hypnotize you.

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  • Release: 02.07.1999

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