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Go through the maze (using your map), look for the ladder on your left as you go through to the second part, go up ladder to the Communication Tower, turn around, connect to CT-01 terminal, run diagnostics, select fail, get memory into your PDA, split it and get the lexicon, put memory back, press reset. You are now told you need a software upgrade from the cycorp site. Go back to the central dome connect to the GCN, find a virus, click on system protection unit, click on virus. The object here is to make all the bottom row white, looking at the five groups of colored diamonds on the left hand side.

Call the 4 top left colours 1. Call the 3 top right colours 2. Ignore the 2 bottom left colours. Call the 3 bottom middle colours 3. Call the 2 bottom right colours 4. Looking at the right hand side the top row of empty diamonds. Call them A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I. Put 4 on A, B - 3 on B, C, D - 2 on D, E, F - 1 on F, G, H, I. All the bottom row should now be white. Press send, and the virus should be spiked. Click on Cycorp site get upgrade, exit, logoff. Go to the Communication tower via the Zeppelin and Atlantis ships, logon to terminal CT-01 click inv., run diagnostics, select fail, add upgrade, press reset. Turn around and watch animation. Go to Design lab, open the box get another radix connect to terminal, run radix, turn around, connect to the HSP, run.

Cygote, watch animation. Go to the manufacturing Facility, go all the way through the maze this time, go down the stairs, find the connector on the other side of the room (over a green dome thing with steps), connect, watch animation. Go back to Zeppelin platform. On the other side of the platform you will see 6 posts. One of which is flashing. Connect to this one and you will see Spook 1 G12 Platform guard, Spook 2 G12 Platform guard, Spook 3 P11 Central Dome Patrol and Spook 4 P11 Central Dome Patrol. It's the 2 G12 that you need to get rid off. They are stopping you from going to the Vulcan platform, which is your next destination. Go and have a look if you like. Now to get rid of them, you've got to be a bit quick.

First connect to the Zeppelin, click inv., select diagnostics, click run, click begin, then break, click on resume. It will then ask if the test passed or failed, click on fail. Now quickly turn around go over and connect to the posts so as to interface with the spooks. Their will now be another one shown Spook I 15 Platform Control. Get his program into your PDA. Now reprogram the two G 12 spooks, using the I 15 program (just drag + drop). The way is now clear to the Vulcan platform. Go to the Elimination Facility via the Vulcan. Go through the door, watch + listen to the lips (I suppose that's what they are), look left and right and you will find your flanked by two spikes.

Turn to the right hand one and connect to him, get his SP 14 program into your PDA. Now once again you need to be very quick. Reprogram the SP14 with your I 15 program, whilst he's melting. Quickly turn around, connect to SP 13, reprogram him with SP 14's program. You can have as many goes as you like until you get it right, because they will keep on regenerating them selves until you do. Okay when they have both been melted, from the doorway turn left and go forward two clicks. Look right and you will see a small moving blue diamond thing. Press it and a bridge will appear. The CY 11 will go out to the center platform. Now go as far as you can in the other direction. On you left you will see a small moving gold thing.

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