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Click it and sit in the chair, hold the right mouse button down and move the screen down. You will see a small blue button. Press it and zap the CY 11. Okay your finished here. Go back to the Central Dome. Go to the Grommet platform. On the opposite side from the ship you will see the Cabletron ship. You cant use it yet, but remember where it is, as you will need it soon, and you'll be in a hurry. Use the Grommet to go to the testing zone. When you get their, save your Game. You're not going to die, but you could get lost, and it will make it harder to get back on course. Turn left, passed the Grommet and you'll find a door. Go in and stop.


Phase One Click forwards 4 times, turn 90 degrees right, click forwards 4 times. A post will appear. Click on it.


Phase Two Do not pass the post. Turn left to face the green, click once, turn left to face the blue, click twice, turn right to face the green, click twice, turn right to face the red, click twice, turn right to face the mauve, click once, turn right to face the blue, click once. Another post will appear. Click it. See what I meant about getting lost, if you missed the posts, then reload your saved game and follow the directions closely.


Phase Three Again save your game here. In the room you will see the back of a monitor. Go round to the other side and watch and listen. For all three questions the answers are B.

Ansicht vergrössern!

Phase Four Go behind the desk and find a digital clock. When it shows one minute, click on the red button beside it. A screen will pop up. Get the two items into your PDA, click the button again, turn left, give the red jelly thing a nudge as you go passed (just for the hell of it) and go out the other door.

Go back to the central dome. You now need to logon to the GNP again, so as to decrypt the two items you've just gained. Guess what you got another virus. Once again the object here is to make all the bottom row white. Looking at the five groups of colored diamonds on the left hand side.

Call the 4 top left colours 1. Call the 3 top right colours 2. Call the 2 bottom left colours 3. Call the 3 bottom middle colours 4. Ignore the 2 bottom right colours. Looking at the right hand side the top row of empty diamonds call them A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I. The arrow show bottom left of the screen allows the colours to be flipped. Put 4 on A, B, C - 2 on C, D, E - 1 on E, F, G, H - 3 on H, I. All the bottom row should now be white. Press send, after the virus is dead, click on the Key icon, drag and drop the CAC item for decryption and then the MAP. Logoff. Go back to the testing zone, but do not leave the ship. Instead call up your PDA, click inv., select the CAC, click run. You should now have changed course to the Central Analysis Chamber.

Leave the ship, click forwards once, turn right and connect. Watch the pretty colours, all parameters should read normal (if not your testing zones went wrong, go into which ever zone you did wrong via the 4 doors, follow the previous directions more closely). When every things OK, click on save parameters. You will now have a Genetic Encoded gizmo. Right your finished here. Go back to the Manufacturing Facility. Important: go via the Zeppelin and the second Atlantis (it'll save some precious time later). Go over to the Green dome thing again and connect. Click on the Adjustment Interface, click on Automatic Parameter Adjustment, select the genetic code and drop it on the cygote parameters box top right of the screen.

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