Komplettlösung Net:Zone

Click on send cygote, see the pretty lights again. When it says continuing with phase two, look slightly to your left. You will see a red ball thing moving in the distance. Go over to it and stop. Before you click on it, go and find terminal ML-03. It's over the other side, when you've pin pointed it, come back here and click on the ball. Watch Walters animation (hide behind your chair if you like, it's scary man, a bit like magic round about really). When he's done, press the ball again. To indicate function of CY-11, drop it on Zel Winters data base. Watch your fathers animation. Save your Game! Your in the end-game bit. Although you've a fair bit of time to finish, you cant afford to get lost on the way.

If you run out of time at least, you can re-start form here. Go to the Design Facility, get another radix from the box and run it on the terminal, and then through the Holographic Simulation Pod. Come back here and connect to the green dome thing again. Go through the procedure above, i.e. select automatic parameters etc. But do not click on the ball. Instead go over to terminal ML-03. In your PDA find a run the tape where Walter creates his cyberworm. Watch the opening bit, see the ML-03 terminal. Got the password? It's AWED. Log onto the terminal, enter the password, get the cyberworm blueprint into your PDA. Now go and click on the ball, when it asks for CY-11 function.

Drop it on to the cyberworm blueprint, when it says process terminated leave. Get to the Vulcan platform as fast as you can, connect to the Cabletron manual override, enter the code WAFE, look down, click on M, go over to the Grommet platform, connect to the Cabletron interface and go to the Central Core. Go up the ladder continue up three levels, connect as soon as you can, select inv., choose the cyberworm, click on run, keep clicking on run, no matter what is said, keep clicking. When the worm is released, sit back, kick off your shoes, sigh contentedly, watch the closing animations, pat yourself on the back, reverently take out the CD, look at it, and chuck it in the bin.

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  • Plattformen: PC
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  • Release: 10/1996

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