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Take 4 hidden objects here. They are: letter, canteen, compass and bullets. Just click on the sand in several area, just look around and you'll find them. I think they're used to keep you alive in the desert automatically. Find an opening into the town of BrotHell. It's a door. Go in.


The Study

Get the weapon from a recess on the top of the right door. Read the letter. You can only enter the right door after you click at Fu's image to hear his wicked word. Click the control panel to open the right door. The left door is heading to the Marshall office. Go to right door.

The Lounge

There are 2 exit, Shadow room and down the hallway. First go to Shadow room. It's to the right. Find out the 3 mirage, the Dancing Queen . If you enter the elevator you'll go to Pool room. Don't go there yet. Back to The Lounge. The upper door will be shut if you go there. To open it, simply by clicking the panels on your left side, it'll be flashing. Click the center panel to make it stop. Repeat this step to other panels. The gate will raise and now head up to Casino.


The Casino

You can do many things here, like watch the proto-TV at the blue screen, click on the pharaoh, the card, or manipulating the roulette.

Get the ankh key from a hidden place under the left pharaoh. Click on it and take the key. Now you must manipulating the roulette until it sink down into the chute. Click on cap and left pharaoh to make the disappeared. Follow them to the chute to the big VR room. You'll fall down but quickly just get up.


VR Room

The upper door is to the Calvary office. The right door is to the Saloon. Read the letter in this VR room first than go to Saloon.


The Saloon

Outside are signs. Click on them if you like. Go to Saloon. You'll see that your cursor become a gun sight. It shows you that you can shoot in this room.

Shoot the mirror and 2 jars on the top of the shelf. It'll reveal a secret compartment at the bar. Click on bar table to open it and click again to read a letter. It's a clue. Go left to Map Room. Click on the map to see your local. Click on the bright thing to get some bullets. Read the letter on the chair. It tells you where Jenny about. Exit right to the Saloon and right again to go outside. Watch a mirage that unravel the identity of the Marked One.


The Bordello

There are 3 doors. Top left is heading to theatre, top right to Lava desert, and middle right to fortress of stone referred by the letter.

Go to fortress. Quickly go to the left. Read the letter on the left. Click on upper window to hear Jenny's crying. If you have the ankh key, you can enter the door because the symbol will blink. Go inside. But, you still miss a clue, so you can go up and rescue Jenny. Read the letter under the ladder to find out the clue. Go back to Bordello. Now open the door to Theatre.


The Theatre

Quickly click on the bottom right brick wall and enter. Don't waste your bullets by shooting the man. It's no use. Pull down the screen and click on it to see a past mirage.

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Mirage - Casino

Mirage - Casino
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