Komplettlösung Manhunter 2: San Francisco

Day 1

You start day one in the spaceship, chasing phil. You crash into a building (watch the corners), and make an emergency landing. You see youself coming out of the ship (you can tell by the 3 on the screen). To the left you can see a man lying under the ship. The game is hardly 2 minutes underway and there's the first corps already. Seems to be a tradition with the manhunter series. Don't be afraid, many will follow. Now move to the man lying under the ship. Move to take the ID card and the manhunter assignment device (MAD). Use the INFO on the MAD to type in the name on the ID card. Exit the info by typing BYE and go to the tracker. Now track everyone you see.

If you have done this properly you can visit the next locations.

The scene of the crash

Bank of canton


Ferry building

Embarcadero fountain

Hyde street pier

Manhunter appartment

There will be more places you can visit, but first you must gather some equipment an clues. Exit the MAD and use F3<< to travel to the manhunter appartment. In the appartment open the drawer and get the cloth (Note the hint on it). Look out the windows and move arround to see some locations. Now travel to the Warehouse and enter it. Play the game and enter the room on the bottom left. Get the mallet right next of the desk.(look at the fish on the mallet).

Move over to the desk and note the writing on the desk. Leave the Warehouse and travel to the Bank of canton. Enter the tunnel. Look at the corps and take the note from the desk right of the man. Get the piece of newspaper left on the desk. Note the words on the glass door. BAT VOMIT. Never new bats could throw up (must have been something he ate). Just reverse the letters, and there you have a name: TAD TIMOV. Enter your MAD and enter the name. Leave the bank and move to the left. There's a dead man lying there. You can look at his hand and his body. Take the fang from his neck and take the laundry receipt. Leave this scene and travel to the Embarcadero fountain. Go into the fountain.

You must press enter to spinout and reach the tunnel on the right. Once in the tunnel you will have to fight of rats. Just stand there and wait for the rats to come (put it on easy arcade). If you have killed all the rats move to the right. Get the drivers license from near the bed (note the name) and look at the corps. Take The flask. Go to the MAD and enter the name of MIC STONE. Leave the fountain and travel to the Ferry building. Look at the poster on the right wall. Leave the building and travel to the Hyde street pier. Look at the fence, move to the left down the stairs, move the (3) under the pier and climb the pole. Climb back and move to the tunnel on the right. Enter it.

Don't worry you'll survive (remember, you MUST have been eaten by the rat, so don't restore the game). Leave the pier and travel to TAD TIMOV'S appartment. Enter it. You will be eaten by the dog. This is also nessecary. Now leave the appartment. You will get an orb override and you must enter the two names. END OF DAY ONE.

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Manhunter 2: San Francisco

Manhunter 2: San Francisco

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