Day 2: Komplettlösung Manhunter 2: San Francisco

Day 2

You are given the assignment to investigate a burning boat at pier 5. Travel there and track everyone (there are a lot to track). If you have done this properly you can visit the next locations.

Pier 5

The temple

The shop

Transamerica pyramid

Dr's house.


Cable car barn

Private club

There are more locations, but you will be able to visit them as you gather more information and clues. Now travel to Pier 5 and look at the boat. Look at the corps. Get the muzzle. Move the arrow to the mouth of the creature. A broken fang, how nice, use TAB<<, go to fang and press ENTER<<. A perfect fit.

Travel to TAD TIMOV'S appartment and enter it. When the dog attacks you, use TAB<< and use the muzzle. The dog is now harmless. Get the camera from the bench. You have just one flash, so don't spoil it. It may save your life someday! Look at the painting on the left wall. HEAVEN VISION. Note the signs on it. They are:

-------- --------

-------- --- --

-------- -------

Leave and travel to the temple. Move to the right open the door and go to the man. Remember the HEAVEN VISION SIGNS? Take four pinches from the second pot on the LEFT. Move to the pipe and smoke it, press ENTER<<. Watch the HEAVEN VISION of the girl turning into a monster.

Get the statue and look at the inscription. Leave the man and enter the temple. Walk to the shield and get it. Play the game. Now walk under the statue. You are now at the stairs. Use TAB<< and look at the dragon note. Seems to be some sort of code. Guessed it already? NO! Well here's the explenation. The R3 is the L1 to R4. Just look at the staue third from the right. Just look at the staue first from the left. Just look at the staue fourth from the right. The message is: The castle is the gateway to hell. Use TAB<< and look at the cloth. Read the text. Let's do just that. Go to the second statue on the right and look at it. Use TAB<< and use the cloth. Watch the puzzle. F oar P ruler for orb ruler, or something like that.

Now walk up the stairs. Play the acid game (no we're not into new beat, we're into the heavy stuff). If you finish the game you will find yourself in the ninja initiation room. Watch the man in front of you get branded. When it is your turn move the arrow to the box behind the man. Get one of the scrolls. Now move the arrow to the right and jump out of the window. Note WEST on the scroll. It could be a direction, but it is part of a name. Enter the name ZAC WEST in your MAD. Now you have another location you can travel to. Travel to The transamerica pyramid. Move to the base of the pyramid and enter it. Look at the wall on the right and get the gun. Enter the pyramid again and move to the robot. Play the game.

It's a little bit tricky but it can be done. After finishing the game and freeing the slave that the robot was beating up, travel to the laudry and try to enter it. It is closed today, maybe it's open tomorrow. Travel to the docter's house and enter it. Look at the man on the table, he's missing an arm. Move to the room at the back and look at the man. Get the letter from his pocket. Note the name on it.Now you have another name. Use MAD to enter it (NOAH GORING). Look at the test tube on the desk. Use TAB<<and use the empty flask. It's now full. Mmmm a nice appetiser. Leave the docter's house and travel to the scientists house (noah goring). Look at the window. you can see coit tower and alcatraz and julius castle.

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Manhunter 2: San Francisco

Manhunter 2: San Francisco

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