Day 3: Komplettlösung Manhunter 2: San Francisco

Remember that the gateway to hell is the castle. Maybe this is it! Move to the table and notice the needle and thread. Somebody has done some handy work here. Get the matchbook. Look at the files on the floor and read them all. Travel to the wax museum and go to the wax figure there. Remember the fish on the mallet? Use TAB<< and use the mallet. Press the button and watch the show. Move to the left.just look at this picture. Nothing to do here YET. Move left and climb up the chimney. ZAC'S HOWSE. Leave the wax museum and travel to the cable car barn and enter it. Hitch a ride on the next available car. You're now in the cable car barn game. As you have seen when you tracked the person going here, he went to the right side of a block, top row , farmost right (if you don't now what we mean track this scene again and watch carefully).

Don't touch any other blocks or you'll be dead. And watch the robots. Now flip the switch on that block and walk through the door on the bottom righthand side of the screen. Look at the posters and look at the dead man. Get the letter from the belt. Now go back and leave the cable car barn. Travel to the shop and note what the man has got in his hand. It's a rat's finger. Leave the shop and select travel. You now get an orb override. Enter the two names you've found. END OF DAY TWO.

Day 3

You are given the assignment to investigate a human on the chirardelli square. Track everyone. If you have done this properly you can visit the next location. Travel to the chirardelli square. Move to the alley and get the rats paw. Enter the alley. After being revived again travel to the laundry. It's open now. Show the laundry receipt to the girl there. Watch the show. You are set free by the slave that you freed from the transamerica pyramid. Get the walking stick and leave. Travel to the shop and enter it. Give the rat paw to the man. At least he seems to like it. Play the card game until you can get the rat masks as price.

Take the rat mask on the left. This is rat mask 1 (Tip: wait until the cards are shuffled, save the game, pick one card. If it's the wrong one restore and try another one. Do this if you can't win). Leave the shop and travel to the wax museum. Hit the fish over the head with the mallet (don't worry he's made out of wax so he never gets a headache). Go to the middle screen. Look at the fresh meat on the pile. Take a closer look. It's noah goring. Look at his tie. Remember the needle and thread in his appartment. Use the fang to cut the tie. Get the card. Go to the left and climb up the chimney. Just intime for desert. Don't restore but leave the wax museum and travel to the private club. Take a closer look at the door and wear the rat mask.

Knock and you will go into the club. Now you have to play with the dice. Look at the arm that the rat shows you. Remember the signs on it (write them down). When it's your turn to play the rats will unmask you. When they do, use the flask to distract their attention. Get the hatchet and leave the club. Travel to chirardelli square. Climb up the rope and go to the right. Ther's a man hanging from the sign and he's throwing things at you. This man has a ring on his neck and you must get it. In order to get to him you must climb the sign. You must get very close to him and use the walking stick to get the ring. When you've got the ring you can just let yourself drop on the ground. Now enter the window on the left.

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Manhunter 2: San Francisco

Manhunter 2: San Francisco

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